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Seniors Do Community Gardens for Food, Friendship & Physical Activity

  Good Vegetables Grown by Seniors – frtz As people are enjoying good health well into retirement years, community gardening provides as outlet for enjoying nature while eating well and living the green life. There is so much talk these … Continue reading

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School Yard Tales: Mr. Roo – The Unofficial Rooler of Treeland School

Mr. Roo and His Friend Have a Chat He was quite small as chickens go.  But his crow was impressive–not so much in volume as in quantity.  Before 6 a.m. each morning he started and continued till he was very … Continue reading

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Time for Seniors to Update the Mindset About Living With Cancer

  Due to progress in oncology, older cancer patients may have a completely different role and set of choices than what they may have learned in their earlier lives. This need to find a new mindset applies also to other … Continue reading

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Afghan Dreams Young Voices of Afghanistan – Their Hopes for the Future

Use Afghan Dreams in the Classroom – Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books Afghan children comment on the thread of grief running through their lives. Yet their words usually end with their commitment to helping their country. Afghan Dreams by Tony O’Brian … Continue reading

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Some Years Could Have Been Better – Surviving Hurricanes and More

Recent hurricanes and other disasters have melted both our hearts and our pocketbooks. Caregivers cry for losses and say hurrah for each little bit of hope and progress. Many good people became first responders, and others continue to help those … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Choice – Problems of Excessive Choices in Affluent Society

The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less – google images This book by Barry Schwartz examines why with so many choices there is so much angst and depression amid a higher standard of living than most of the world’s … Continue reading

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Use Success and Developmental Order to Teach Multiplication Facts

Using Feet to Multiply by Two – kakisky Parents may notice one week multiplication is starting. The next week there are mixed facts for homework. Try teaching kids one table at a time till mastered. Success! There is a rather … Continue reading

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