Ode to Overbooking – A Thanksgiving Trip I’ll Never Forget!

Remembering the Embers of November

As I slide into the middle of November and wonder where the early fall went, I am reminded of past Thanksgivings. One of my best was when our family camped out with several other families. We each brought food for the feast but had no particular plans.

The boys found a large board and placed it over a couple of barrels to construct a Thanksgiving Table. This was covered with a large paper tablecloth decorated with fall beauty, turkeys, and meditative phrases, and would hold what we all brought for the buffet style serving. Since I love poetry I had purchased some fine napkins with just the right pictures and words to match the tablecloth. The mood was set, and the day was truly a delight as we ate, visited and enjoyed the beauty of autumn nature.

I can remember one terrible Thanksgiving adorned with nothing but grief, but in the interest of my own mental health, I choose to concentrate on the good times. However, it is a good reminder that everyone isn’t blissfully happy just because the calendar page turns. So let’s remember to include acceptance of bad days and negative feelings, on the part of ourselves and out friends, as part of the total picture of the Embers of November. I like to burn a candle to recognize the hard times, then move on to celebrate what I do have.

One Thanksgiving I traveled to be with my siblings since we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. I found the trip itself (including my hitting the floor to slide under the metal gate shutting out a number of weary travelers) overshadowed the wonderful time I had eating turkey and catching up with loved ones:

Ode to Overbooking

Thanksgiving wasn’t much to shout about. My trip home I could have done without.

“Reservations confirmed, that is clearly true, but we have no boarding pass for you.”

This was only the very first. Stick around; it got much worse!

She said, “You squeaked by” and “We’d never leave you.” I said, “Tell that to the other folks being left – please do.” When I finally was awarded a seat I thought, “I gotta relax. Wow, what a feat!”

Just then the real trouble began as the pilot on his brakes did jam. He missed the runway ‘just a bit’ and you should have seen the dishes hit The floor as we all drew a breath suspecting we’d all been scared to death!

The lady made a nervous jest, telling us they would do their best To get this bird up in the sky while we all sat and wondered why. The emergency people jacked us up, and towed us back with a Ford truck. We taxied again – the power came back, but we were told, “No computer, Jack.”

With our confidence at an all time high we at long last began to fly. As we reached the Dallas airport we were told we’d better run for it. But as no computer was part of our fate no one could tell us which was our gate. So I ran with all my might, huffing and puffing in quite a fright. Didn’t dare take time to go to the john; lucky I didn’t as I was the last one on!

I mused, “Now I can calm down” but the pilot’s voice held a worrisome frown. “Stay in your seats fastened up. It’s supposed to be bad – no one gets a cup.” Even the flight attendants couldn’t move; my restroom turn I sure did lose.

Right after we were in the air we knew just what we had to fear. I don’t even drink but I wanted a beer. He wasn’t flying. He was learning to veer! For quite a while we all held real still, and then someone started getting ill. The pilot said naught for quite a spell, but “I’ve got a tiger by the tail.”

The plane settled down at long last, and they served snacks really fast. But guess who they got up to when the wind again blew. Me, of course, hungry as a horse, and the wild ride soon got much worse.

It seemed to go on forever; in the end I vowed I’d never fly that airlines ‘ere again. “Just let me out of this tiger’s den!” I got out and kissed Larry, and we strained a bunch to carry. Only to find the car wasn’t there. It was in the other terminal: where?

So the wild saga came to a close and I got in the car and began to doze. But as I dreamt I asked why? Why did I always love to fly???

Here’s hoping your travels during the holiday season don’t get in the way of your enjoying the times with family and friends. Read a Thanksgiving story to your grandchildren and enjoy their company.

Remember to expect and accept both good and bad. Positive thinking helps you stay healthy. Just put more gravy on the part of the turkey that’s burned, and relax and embrace all that is well with your life. Above all, remember to enjoy the embers of November and December:-)

Thanksgiving Travel Can Be a Challenge, robb
Copyright 11-15-84 by Hildra Tague. Permission required from author for republication.

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