Give a Kids Party on a Budget for Birthdays or Other Occasions

Balloons at a Kids' Party - lightfoot

Balloons at a Kids’ Party – lightfoot

Birthdays and other celebrations come around so often and the family budget gets stretched to the limit. Here is a way to have a kids party for under $20.00.

When parents think of giving their children a party, money is the first thing that comes to mind. There are ways to have a fine party for kids without breaking the budget, Things to consider are invitations, decorations, things to purchase, food, and games.

Make a Plan and Invitations for a Kids Party

Invitations don’t have to break the budget. Use Evite when possible, which is not only free but also keeps track of who is coming and who is bringing what. If that isn’t possible, try making your own invitations out of something you have at the house. Construction paper, printer paper, or any other paper will work well. Just be sure to put both a beginning time and ending time to be clear with parents who are dropping children off.

These invitations can be hand-delivered by your child at school or in the neighborhood, reserving only those which must be mailed to use postage stamps on.

Decorations for Kids Party on a Budget

These can also often be done with things you have around the house. Kids love making paper chains in anticipation of the event, and if you are low on paper, try folded newspaper strips. Draping a paper chain around the party room makes any event festive.

Instead of rushing out to buy party plates, use plates you already have, but let your child or children make place mats to liven up the table setting. Also a piece of mint by each place, or a bouquet from the yard livens things up. It doesn’t even have to be flowers, as greenery can look beautiful in a vase.

Things to Purchase for an Affordable Kids Party

If you follow the tips above, your list of things to buy should be short. It might include a cake mix and frosting, drink mix, a package of sponges, and a container or two of bubbles from the local dollar store. Chances are you have some candles in the cabinet, but if not, buy some and keep for the next event.

Food for a Birthday or Other Occasion Party

A day or so before, while the kids are making decorations, a parent can fix a cake mix. Frosting can be spread a variety of ways, so experiment. One easy yet classy way is to press, pull, and lift in one or two inch-long strokes across the top of the cake. Do this the length of the cake, then start another row.

Also, on Evite or other invitation, or verbally with your closer friends, some to bring a snack to share. Nowadays people appreciate helping since you’ll probably help when they have a party. Potluck events have become the new normal.

Games for Kids Party for Less than $20.00

There are many games, most of which can be played indoors or out (use a porch if raining):

  • Carry the World in a Spoon – Using a large wooden or serving spoon, carry a grape back and forth on a path you have marked. It could be around a table, from a point to the wall and back, etc.
  • Throw Wet Sponges at a Target – Can use whole sponge or cut them in half.
  • Balloon Blow Up – Provide close adult supervision while kids have fun blowing up balloons.
  • Pet Zoo – If you have a hamster or other pet, put a few chairs in a circle around it, provide a drink to cool down with, and enjoy watching and talking about the pet.
  • Make Paper Chains – All children enjoy this activity, and you can include other art-type fun.
  • Bubbles Everywhere – One way is to pour a lid or saucer full of bubbles, then dip  previously washed fly swatter in it and swing it around. Another way is to set up the area by the outside AC unit, holding the fly swatter over the blowing air. A small fan can also do the trick. Any of these ways will fill the yard and surprise the kids!

As you prepare for the party, other ideas may come to you. Just remember, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a fun party for kids. Just enjoy the bubbles!

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