Staying Close to Home in Retirement to Live in a Familiar Area

Seniors Close to Home in Retirement - kittenpuff1

Seniors Close to Home in Retirement – kittenpuff1

People often speak of moving at retirement, but many are now choosing to stay either in the same house or in the same neighborhood where places and friends are familiar.

Much is said about finding a place to retire to, yet some retirees nowadays are deciding to stay put when they retire. They are finding satisfaction remaining in the same neighborhood.

Why Stay in Community when Retiring

Friends and community organizations and churches are familiar, and networks are long established. This allows a period of adjustment during the early stages of retirement, a chance to simplify your life, and then a rested retiree may make decisions about the future which are more suitable and satisfying.

Early Stage of Retirement

There is a lot of change involved in stopping full-time work as is often done when retiring. For this reason, some retirees benefit from staying put at least for the time being. No matter how much pre-retirement planning was done, there is a transition period where the reality of the new situation settles in.

For some retiring seniors, the first phase involves celebration, maybe a trip or two, catching up on medical appointments and other things, and finally getting some much-needed rest. However, eventually the schedule begins to find its own level. At that point, people begin to sort out what they really want out of retirement. Some want a job, full or part-time, while others want to travel, be close to family, catch up on cooking, or pursue a hobby. Others want to continue the life they’ve built, but just slow down the pace a bit.

One Adjustment at a Time in Retirement

If the budget allows staying at home for this stage of retirement, it gives a chance to get used to one change at a time. Also, even though much financial planning is helpful previous to actual retirement, some of the decisions about preferred activities, pace, location, and other lifestyle choices can be better made after passing through the early stage of retirement.

Transitions have long been known to bring an accompanying stress. Thus making one adjustment at a time is wise for many seniors facing retirement. The media, advertisements, peer pressure and other factors can make a person wonder if all decisions must be made before the retirement party. A number of people are choosing to direct their life path as a retiree one step at a time.

Chance to Simplify Your Life at Retirement

Once the gold watch, plaque, and retirement celebration are over, there often is a resting up period after the hustle and bustle of the rush toward retirement. Even those who did the finest planning before actually retiring may find the extra time allows one to clear the brain and make choices which weren’t even on their radar during their work life.

As options are being considered, closets loom close and in need of cleaning. This process of cleaning out can bring a process of sharing unneeded things with others who will put them to good use. Seniors can use this opportunity to simplify their lives by designing both their schedules and their possessions to be more in line with their new life in retirement.

The case for aging in place to live in a familiar area is being made by some retiring seniors who want to be close to family, friends, church, neighbors, shopping and other amenities they utilize in their own neighborhood. During the early stage of retirement, they can make one change at a time including the opportunity to simplify life and make clear-minded choices about what they really want out of those golden retirement years.

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