Easy and Hearty Skillet Breakfast with Potatoes and Eggs Good Any Time of Day

Slicing Potatoes for Skillet Breakfast - earl53

Slicing Potatoes for Skillet Breakfast – earl53

On weekend mornings, 3-day weekends, and other slower days this is perfect for a different and better type of breakfast, brunch, or any meal, even at the campsite.

So sleep in, get some fruit or juice to provide energy, and march to the kitchen with new resolve to fix the best breakfast ever with potatoes and eggs. Even if it’s later in the day, this meal will be a hit! Soon people will be requesting this on holiday mornings or on days off.

Ingredients for Skillet Breakfast with Potatoes and Eggs

  • Several potatoes (about one per person to serve, two for teenagers)
  • 1 or 2 onions
  • 3 to 5 tablespoons oil of cook’s choice, depending on how much is being cooked
  • 4 to 6 eggs, depending on how many potatoes are used, and as are available in the fridge
  • Salt and pepper or other seasonings to taste.

Directions to Prepare a Hearty Potato and Egg Meal

  1. Wash potatoes well. (Some people like to do this the night before.)
  2. Cut potatoes 1/8 inch thick into approximately 1 inch or less size slices. (They don’t have to be exactly alike, but similar thickness is helpful for even cooking.)
  3. Lay potatoes on clean towel and pat dry.
  4. Heat oil in skillet on medium heat.
  5. Place dry potato slices in heated skillet.
  6. Add chopped onion.
  7. Cover with a lid and cook on low medium heat for several minutes till easily pierced with a fork. If the potatoes are not browned, turn up heat for short time to brown.
  8. While cooking, break eggs and put in a bowl ready for later.
  9. After piercing several slices at different places in the skillet and deciding the potatoes are cooked thoroughly, add the eggs, pouring over the potatoes all around the pan.

Variations on a Potato and Egg Skillet Breakfast

Feel free to vary the skillet breakfast to cater to personal tastes. For example, some people, especially children, don’t like onions. They can be left out, or they can be used in a smaller quantity, since some flavors are adapted to a little at a time.

  • Chopped bell peppers or peppers of any kind or color make a nice colorful addition to the skillet.
  • More finely chopped carrots or celery also add color and textures to the dish.
  • Chopped meat of any kind (look in your fridge for leftovers) can be added for extra protein and flavor. Try bacon bits, ham, sausage, or even bits of meat from the night before (hamburger meat, turkey, or chicken, etc.) The meat can be used as a topping or mixed in the skillet as it cooks.

Serving Suggestions for Potatoes and Eggs Skillet

This Potatoes and Eggs recipe is so tasty and filling it can easily stand alone. However, a dollop of sour cream, buttery spread, grated or sliced cheese, picante or other similar sauce, or catchup tops it off royally depending on individual tastes. Putting a tray of these choices on the table allows diners to top their own as desired.

Consider laying out this hearty skillet breakfast as a buffet and let people help themselves. Sausage, ham, or bacon can be served on the side for a stick-to-the-ribs breakfast, brunch or even supper. Garnish with parsley, basil, or oregano or other favorite if desired.

Leftover Potatoes and Eggs

There usually won’t be leftovers, but in the rare occasion there are, reheat later in microwave or turn into potato salad by adding mayo or other dressing and eat it cold in a lunch or on the run.

In addition to the usual waffles or pancakes, now it will be fun to fix the family a skillet breakfast of potatoes and eggs. Add extra ingredients as desired. Serve while hot and enjoy the compliments. This hearty breakfast is especially appreciated in cold weather or when there is lawn or other active work to be done that day, or even when camping. Who knows, maybe next it will be time to try easy homemade crepes!

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