Kentuckian Tommy Womack Sings & Writes Humor & Harmony

Tommy Womack at Millbend Coffee House - Chris Jones

Tommy Womack at Millbend Coffee House – Chris Jones

This guitar-wielding singer/songwriter from Kentucky entertains boomers and seniors with humor and a heavy dose of truth about real life in this day and age.

Tommy Womack wears many hats: singer, songwriter, humorist, author. He delights audiences of any age around the country with his southern spirit, infusing his music with reflections about daily living.

Background of Tommy Womack Singer Songwriter

Tommy has a rich heritage of storytelling and songs, as he was born in Kentucky and spent years traveling with his minister dad. He speaks of growing up attending Milburn Chapel which reminded him of the Millbend Coffee House venue he was performing in at this concert.

After a number of years of performance, he was awarded Best of USA Today’s Top 100 of the Year List of 2007.

Tommy Womack Performs in Concert at The Woodlands Texas

He has a comfortable way of chatting pleasantly with his audience. He plays with ease as his wailing harmonica provides tantalizing musical support. It doesn’t take too many songs before he has the crowd howling with laughter at his gentle downhome humor.

At one point, when least expected, he even lapses into a chorus of I am Woman. At that point seniors and others in the crowd laugh and shout at the sudden surprise of it all. Then toward the end his lyrics add, “If that’s all there is to see, I guess I’ve seen it all.”

Womack Entertains Seniors With Reading from Memoirs

During a lull in the performance, he reads from a book he authored with great energy about his youth as a dreamer who was in a rock and roll band.

He even recited poetry in what today may be called a “rap-like manner” with intermittent emphasis on the harmonica, eventually lapsing into musical rendition to continue the story.

Lyrics by Tommy Womack Express Sincere Humor

He speaks of how things aren’t so simple any more, with the new age of terror and too many enemies. Then he belts out a song about why life’s a pain. He mentions differing ideas of Arabs and Christians, then Pepsi and Coke drinkers, opening up the discussion on learning to live together. His solution sent a ripple of chuckles across the room, “If you can’t solve all this, just join a band!”

Good Advice for Hard Times in Womack’s Lyrics

He sings of waking up in the morning to hard times and gave some sound advice, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like a dog, and advertise. Then go in early, learn how to smile. Go further than that extra mile.”

Tommy sings with a touch of humor, wailing of the way life was, and the way life is now. Yet he somehow leaves his listeners giggling – even while speaking of hard economic times.

Tommy Womack is a seasoned Kentuckian singer/songwriter who carries with him both his guitar and his quirky sense of humor. When he reads from one of the books he authored, his booming voice quickly transports his listeners into its pages. Boomers and seniors love his sincere humor and his good advice for hard times. He joins the list of wonderful performers in this very special setting.

Source: Attendance at Millbend Coffee House concert at The Woodlands, Texas, held in Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church on September 27, 2009. A special thanks to Chris Jones for the pictures.

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