Honeysuckle Air: Kindness, Car Love, and Rowing a Boat

Kindness, Car Love, and Rowing a Boat
Tague, Olan Mills

The month started off with cold weather, rain and all kinds of doubts about the groundhog.

Then I was invited to cover a car show which involved a trip in the country across rain-swelled rivers and farmlands. I loved seeing lots of green, maybe due to rain, or maybe spring was trying to sneak in the back door.

We even went to the Unitarian church while we were there for the weekend. Somehow we ended up singing in their choir about finding a stillness as we watched the lighting of the candle of reverence. Reverend Nathan Stone welcomed us kindly to their morning service.

It had been the fourth wettest season on record, so every body of water was swollen far out of its shores and the roadside was wrapped in flooded farmland and full ditches. Meteorologists claimed it was much colder than usual, and the dry air was in sharp contrast to the water which was visible almost everywhere.

The event was loads of fun and I even learned a thing or two about cars and those who love them. I returned home tired but rested in a weird sort of way. A good friend always says, “A change is as good as a rest.” If that be true, I arrived home ready for what the month might bring.

As I put away my MLK materials, I faced the bombardment of the 3 for 1 events faced by teachers when Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and Chinese New Year all run into each other in the same week. I think I need some white space in my schedule!

In February thoughts are magnetically pulled to candy hearts, flowers and thoughts of kindness both received and given over the years. I also think of my firstborn who came into the world on Valentines Day. I so clearly remember the day in his teen years when he told me, “Row, Mother, Row!”

Our family camping trip in Texas had been a delight from the start. My older son and I decided to take one last ride in the boat.

I was enjoying the calm water when he shouted, “Look at that huge snake. Row, mother, row!” So I poured it on, and so did he.

A couple of minutes later we both realized we were going nowhere!

My son, being a teenager, decided to watch to see if I was rowing properly. Scandalized, I exaggerated my movements till he noticed I was rowing toward the shore, as any mother would. Needless to say, he was aggravated.

He had been rowing toward that snake!

Here’s hoping you’re still on your budget and eating well in 2010. Treat yourself to some fun, maybe see a play or movie. Whatever you do, stay away from the snow and ice since no one needs a fall this time of year.

February Brings Thoughts of Kindness, ladyheart
Copyright by Hildra Tague.  Contact author for permission to use in print or online.

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