Honeysuckle Air: What do Gravy and Ice Cream Have in Common?

Tague, Olan Mills

Recently I took a long road trip to Montana to see my oldest grandchild graduate. The first stop was in the Dallas area to meet up with my oldest son since he would do most of the driving. With I-Pod in hand and miles to cover, we enjoyed a running conversation about family, friends, and the world in general. I couldn’t help but remember when my son graduated from high school and then college.

However, perhaps the best occasions were the overnight stays with him, his lovely wife, and my grandchildren – both on the way to and from the long road trip. We always have a wonderful time, resplendent with good food and fun all around. My grandkids are simply marvelous:-)

After a fine meal of meat and potatoes a la gravy, someone asked my son how he cooked the gravy. He gave a clear delineation, worthy of an engineer, of the ingredients, methods and added that the cream was why it was so tasty!

After supper, one of the children announced there was homemade ice cream for dessert. As we gathered round the table for that, we chatted about homemade ice cream experiences. My older granddaughter, being quite the cook, asked her dad what all was in today’s treat. He started explaining – soon realizing how similar the crucial ingredients were to the gravy just mentioned earlier in the evening, except for the difference in sweetness!

After we had a good laugh, we decided that we had a winner menu for these special occasions: gravy and ice cream. No matter what else adorned the table, these two strangely similar comfort foods would be present at our special celebrations. Maybe even my granddaughter’s pecan pie could sit under the ice cream!


With school starting across the country, my best thoughts and hopes go out to teachers and students alike. Some children are thrilled while other students are concerned about whether they can survive the school year. Here’s wishing them all the best.

After Gravy Have Some Ice Cream, alvimann
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