Volvo Enthusiasts Meet for Car Talk at Waco

Gold P1800 Volvo Restored by Senior - Hildra Tague
Gold P1800 Volvo Restored by Senior – Hildra Tague
Meeting at Ninfa’s Restaurant in Waco, Texas, the room resounded with model numbers, current projects, and stories of several seniors’ first experience with a Volvo.

Car talk was the first item on the menu at the Waco meeting of The Volvo Club of America. New models were envied and old models were applauded for lasting so long. The huge murals on the walls of Ninfa’s were hardly noticed as conversation thundered and rattled from one car story to another.

Volvo Drivers Meet for Afternoon of Car Talk

As car guys and a few gals and kids entered the room George Dill, a long-time supporter of the club and former city engineer of Temple, Texas, circulated a roster for updating information about Volvo enthusiasts in Texas. This way he made sure no one would be left out of upcoming events.

No doubt it was a mostly testosterone event, yet wives, both present and not, were known for both their support and enjoyment of this Texas Chapter of the Volvo Club of America. Also, one of the founders of the original group was female. Talk in the room ranged from George McDonald’s puppy to George Dill’s wife who also enjoys collecting dolls and law books, perhaps verifying that collecting runs in the veins of Volvo owners.

Copies of VSA magazine and stories were passed around the room as Tex-Mex food kept the energy going. Others spoke of the new models coming down the line as the Texas chapter of the Volvo Clubs of America started.

Rebuilding Classic Cars Popular Among Volvo Enthusiasts

A whole table full of senior citizen “car guys” – and a few young people who spend their share of time working under the hood – were speaking excitedly about fixing up old cars till they shine as brightly as new ones. There were even a few cars kept moving with skill, duct tape, and the magic of car love.

After a long and tasty Tex-Mex meal, the group reconvened for the afterparty at McGregor north of Waco where the wide and impressive assortment of Volvos lined up down the street outside the home of Al Ringle. He co-founded this group over ten years ago along with Ann Tofft of the Houston area.

Ringle showed off his 3-car garage dedicated to his Volvo hobby. A 1972 gold 1800ES with gold carpet was only made for two years and had a station wagon look especially from the rear. A red 1963 P1800 that was designed by Volvo for Robin Moore to play 007 movies got a lot of attention. Also, a red 1962 544 hatchback which was still on blocks seemed to be the main object of attention in the garage talk. Ringle says he works on it while the other two cars watch.

The average garage where some of these long projects of restoration occur is strewn with coffee cups, engines, a transmission or two, and buckets of car love!

Age Range of Volvo Owners at the Car Meet

It was interesting to note that, although many were senior citizens, there were also a number of young people there. Many of the older adults seemed delighted that the new president, Nick Tosie, was a young man. Some wondered why there weren’t many people in the middle age ranges. Perhaps they are occupied with raising children and other stuff of which their lives is made. Nevertheless, the older adults and young people were definitely speaking the same language: car talk!

Car Stories Heard at the Volvo Club Car Show in Waco

One young man relates the story of being taken home from the hospital at his birth in a Volvo 240. Another couple tells about a couple of trips to Sweden to get a car built in Belgium.

Pictures were passed around and stories were told of taking a shell or an old car and turning it into a car enthusiast’s pride and joy. That means it was immaculate under the hood and a feast for the eyes on the outside as well.

A number of senior citizens who love the Texas Chapter of the Volvo Club of America meet in Waco to talk about all things Volvo. Talk at the table ranged from their first Volvo to restoration of classic Volvo cars. There was intergenerational interaction with the young people who attended the meet full of interesting ideas. The event was topped off with a visit to a garage where Al Ringle spends his extra retirement time; the pie was good and the the car talk was even better.

Reference: Attendance at the Waco Volvo Meet.

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