Seniors Can Reinvent Themselves Later in Life Taking Charge of Life and Career

Julie Donnelly is Dedicated to Relieving Pain - Used by permission of Julie Donnelly
Julie Donnelly is Dedicated to Relieving Pain – Used by permission of Julie Donnelly
Julie Donnelly wasn’t given a full education in her youth, so she started over to educate herself both professionally and personally, helping many along the way.

Julie Donnelly is a senior who has taken charge of her life, turning tough luck into opportunity. She has much to offer other seniors by the way she lives her life.

How a Senior Used a Crises to Reinvent Her Life

She states that so many people stay in their fears and don’t bloom due to fear in relationships or other spheres of life. At a point in her forties when she experienced a crises with the breakup of her marriage, she looked around at her options.

It seemed to her there were two choices:

  • Deal with being in her forties with little education while losing everything she owned, or
  • Choose to imagine herself a 17-year-old and start a new life filled with opportunities, knowing she had her whole life ahead of her.

It seemed to her the last choice sounded better by far, so she went about the business of starting a new life and came out quite happy with the result. She spent considerable time listening to Tony Robbins tapes, then even more time applying the ideas of personal power to her own life.

She reached the conclusion that it’s not worth being angry or fearful about things that happen in life since that only diminishes a person. Then after her father died she realized she had a period of time, then would be gone. So she determined to do what she valued in life now, share it, and leave a legacy.

She is convinced that perception is everything, so she uses a good attitude to facilitate positive perception, thus bringing about satisfying results. She uses this same idea to bring about desired results with her life now as a senior citizen.

Advantages of Starting a Business Later in Life

Later life is a great time to start a business since a person’s children are raised by then and seniors may have more time on their hands. Also, more and more seniors are finding their way to the work force due to long lives and the economy. Some of those choose to start a business which draws on their years of life and work experience.

How Julie Donnelly Found Her Calling in Muscular Therapy

The term “calling” is suitable because for Julie Donnelly it is not just a vocation but a passion. She noticed when people had pain they might get temporary help but eventually repeated the same or a similar problem. She began to realize how much better it could be if people were involved in their own treatment.

Julie has developed a different approach to massage therapy. She saw the benefits of muscular therapy to help with repetitive sports injuries, carpal tunnel, or other activities which resulted in pain. This could get the lactic acid out of the muscles and draw blood into the deeper fibers of muscles. When she was on a cruise ship, the doctor sent patients to her for pain relief.

To this end, she wrote a book about dealing with muscular pain. She developed techniques used especially in sports injuries whereby the individual applies pressure to the source of the pain where that particular muscle originates. Sometimes it’s a knot or tensed-up area and by releasing that area, the pain stops traveling on down the muscle.

In her years as a muscular therapist Julie has helped many people learn to lessen their own pain by using simple techniques. Of course, this is not instead of traditional treatment, but acts as an additional arsenal of self-help techniques many people have found quite useful.

Books Written by Julie Donnelly About Relieving Muscular Pain

Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living (Advantage Media Group, 2008) is one of her most significant books. Her DVD and other books have helped thousands of people over the world. People appreciate learning simple techniques which control or get rid of pain they’ve had for some time. Some of these had their bone problems fixed, but had not yet worked with the muscles, and were continuing to experience muscle pain.

Her book Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You (Makal Pr, 2003) presents options other than surgery for this ailment so many people suffer with. She has authored The Pain-Free Runner (Makai Press, 2002) as well as a similar one for swimmers, golfers, and triathletes. She is writing a series on stopping pain fast, complete with clear illustrations and specific instructions.

She also moderates three forums on her website where a number of people discuss their situations, including sports injuries, and often find their participation in their healing process helps them escape much of their pain.

Senior muscular therapist Julie Donnelly took charge of her life and career, using a crises to reinvent her life. She discovered that later in life was a good time to start a business. Then as she gained experience she wrote several books and a DVD. Julie feels she has found her calling helping folks deal with muscular pain.

Disclaimer: This article is informational only, and in no way is offering medical advice. See a medical practitioner for advice for a specific situation.

Source: Interview with Julie Donnelly in Spring, Texas, on February 28, 2010

Copyright by Hildra Tague.  Obtain permission from author for use online or in print.  First published at

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