Hosting a Dinner Party on a Budget

Seniors Host Dinner Party on a Budget - penywise on Morguefile
Senior Throw a Dinner Party on a Budget – penywise on Morguefile
Seniors know their network of friends and family give life much of its flavor. They can have dinner parties cheaply and easily. Let the fun begin!

Seniors and Boomers love a good dinner party just like everyone else. Yet some hold back about entertaining due to a variety of reasons, including the task of preparing so much food, limited space in the house, clutter, or other situations. A senior can start small and may find that dinner parties on a budget are worth it.

Finding a Place and Time for a Senior Dinner Party

A senior can find a very special enjoyment when hosting a dinner party in the older person’s living space. However, it is not always an option, due to small living quarters, being too far behind on cleaning and dealing with clutter, or parking issues.

There are other choices available which will work well. Many apartments have a room designed for meetings and/or parties which can be reserved for residents to use. This provides a great place to have a dinner party. There may be kitchen facilities for last minute heating, etc. Paper plates and cups work well in this type of setting, eliminating much of the cleanup work. This works well with buffet style serving of potluck.

It is also possible to reserve a meeting room of a restaurant. This allows each guest to be responsible for his or her own food, yet allows a festive party feeling for all. This is effective for birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations. Many restaurants will provide plates to serve a birthday or other cake which has been specially made and brought in.

The time may be chosen to avoid rush traffic and be comfortable for the person organizing the event, as well as the guests. Early times are best if some guests have to travel to the party.

Hosting a Party as Motivation for Seniors to Clean and Get Rid of Clutter

An upcoming party gives a great reason to clean a living room, concentrating on removing clutter to allow more usable floor space. Sometimes a deadline can provide a much-needed motivation to clean up for company. Keep in mind that the area to concentrate on is the living room and a bathroom. It doesn’t mean every inch of a home must be cleaned to perfection.

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Clutter can often be an excuse for not having company. Yet when a person does take the step and deals with a portion of clutter, there is usually a satisfied feeling of accomplishment. It comes from having an enjoyable time with friends and family and lasts by making progress toward removing extra items from the home. The bonus is that after the entertaining is finished, there is a more livable space available for the host or hostess!

Invitations and Activities for Senior Dinner Party on a Budget

Some might like to start small, having just a few friends over. It is fine to use phone or direct contact to invite them, but email or other online approach allows time to check calendars, respond with what they’d like to bring, etc. There are wonderful invitation programs available for free like Evite. The invitation can state food items needed like appetizer, salad, veggie, drinks, bread, dessert, etc. Often the host or hostess will provide the main dish and guests provide the rest.

It is quite enough to have a meal, enjoy some pleasant conversation, and go home. Maybe the next one will include a movie, dominoes, or even cards. Just be sure any games are optional so no one feels uncomfortable about their skills at any particular game. Assure everyone that it’s quite acceptable to play or to watch.

Older adults can throw a dinner party on a budget, whether it be for friends or several generations of family. First the seniors on a budget find a time and place for the party which can be in their home or not. If in the home, the party can be a great motivation to get rid of clutter in the rooms where the guests will be. Then the invitations can be sent and activities decided upon. Giving a dinner party on a budget can be very satisfying for seniors and boomers! It may be so much fun that the next project will be a party for the grandkids!

Tague, Olan MillsHildra Tague – Mrs. Hildra Tague is a freelance writer, consultant, and teacher dedicated to issues of education, parenting, senior living.

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