What to Do When the Grandchildren Come for a Visit

Spending Time With Grandchildren - drrj on MorgueFile.com
Spending Time With Grandchildren – drrj on MorgueFile.com
Grandparents want their grandkids to remember visits with fondness; there are ways to make that time together memorable without blowing the budget!

A number of older adults find themselves on a tight budget, which leads to worries about how to entertain grandchildren. This is especially true when they live in different cities and do not see each other often. There is the strong desire to entertain, please and build memories with the grandkids which will last throughout their lifetime. It can be done without financial stress.

Sleeping Arrangements When Grandchildren Come

A number of retirees downsize some time along the way, leaving fewer extra rooms. Grandparents do not need to worry about not having extra rooms since many children find alternative sleeping arrangements to be an adventure. Some kids think it is similar to camping out, so it can be a very positive experience for all.

  • Using blankets and quilts, make pallets on the floor. Each child can have a separate pallet, or it can be made to sleep more.
  • Sleeping on the couch can work well for some, and it usually only requires a sheet since most couches are already soft enough.
  • Older children might even relish a chance to sleep on a recliner.

These options provide great opportunities to teach children about picking up for themselves. They often will enjoy folding up the bedding every morning so the living space can have the usual uses during the day.

Entertaining Grandkids on a Budget

Kids often remember the cozy moments spent with grandparents at their home more than the fancy or expensive places they go. So don’t feel it is necessary to take them places all the time. There are fun things to do with grandchildren at home:

  • Board games are fun and entertaining. Even cards or dominoes work well for any age.
  • Show keepsake pictures while telling family stories. This oral history is a great memory to send home with them – better than most souvenirs.
  • Younger children can have a ball making a tent out of their bedding and a chair or two. Girls may even like to have a play tea party in there. Items to play with can be as simple as plastic containers since kids intuitively know how to make anything into a toy.
  • Although just sitting and watching TV isn’t so good, it can be fun to watch a movie together, letting the child tell you about it as it goes along. These chats are valued by children.
  • Cook together with grandchildren. Kids love to be in the kitchen making ice cream, cake, cookies, pudding, or even something as simple as popcorn or crackers with squirt cheese on top. Cookie cutters work well with cold cuts to create lunches and snacks. Even blender drinks with various combinations of fruit, yogurt, ice cream can be quite an adventure. Some may even enjoy helping with the menu.
  • Set up a food rub or back rub station. Wearing gloves, a special hat, or vest can make this even more fun. This works especially well in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Make a vacation log of events done each day during a quiet time. It can be a treasure to take home.

There are also a number of inexpensive jaunts which will be remembered without being too tiring or expensive:

  • Go to the mall or other shopping with a set limit on spending. Some people like to go just for the walk and sights, then return another day to actually spend money. Sports enthusiasts may enjoy places like Academy whereas all ages will find Wallmart or Target interesting.
  • Use pictures to create a family calendar, making one for the grandparents and one for taking home. This can become a gift for grandparents as well as a gift for the grandchildren.
  • Museums and zoos often have one day a week which is free to families.
  • Go to a local park. Either take a picnic or make a rewarding lunch a motivation for leaving when it is time.
  • Spend a morning seeing the sights or natural attractions in the area which may be different from where the grandchildren live.
  • Go to a book signing, reading, or other similar event at a library or bookstore nearby.

When the grandchildren live some distance away, such visits provide a great chance to celebrate an unbirthday since the grandparents may not always be able to be present on the actual day. There are many things to do when the grandkids come for a visit. Making beds on the floor or elsewhere can be great fun. Entertaining the grandchildren doesn’t have to blow the budget. The greatest gift grandparents can give is their time and the memory of having fun together.

Tague, Olan MillsHildra Tague- Mrs. Hildra Tague is a freelance writer, consultant, and teacher dedicated to issues of education and parenting.

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