Share Your Values With Unique Grandchild Events & Gifts on a Budget

Wear Christmas Reading Hat to Read With Grandma - gracey
Wear Christmas Reading Hat to Read With Grandma – gracey
With the world economy as it is, grandparents are dealing with the need to live on a budget. Yet Christmas comes around anyway. Try a different approach.

Try a special gift to fit your financial realities while giving a gift for the heart and soul at the same time. There are a number of ways to present a grandchild with gift that shares your values while pleasantly becoming woven into the fabric of his childhood memories of Christmas.

Afternoon at the Movies With Grandchildren

If the budget allows, go to a theater. If not, create a theater at home. Choose a movie you own or use the Red Box or onother similar and affordable source for a special movie. Also, don’t overlook the idea of borrowing from a neighbor or other friends. Just return it soon with a thank you.

To bring about a change in atmosphere, spread a quilt or blanket on the couch or floor, depending on needs and preferences. Fix popcorn and prepare a drink with a covered top to prevent spilling. Put the phone on voice mail and dim the lights. Then it’s time to snuggle up with a stuffed animal or grandparent and watch a movie.

Plan for an intermission during which you may replenish the snacks, walk to the mailbox, use the restroom, or take a stretch of any kind. This situation presents a great opportunity to talk about the plot and ideas in the story. Teachers often wish students had more chances to reflect on stories and connect them to their own lives or people they know or have read about. Here is a teachable moment – just don’t forget to listen intently to the child’s comments and opinions.

An example of grabbing the moment to share values and develop understanding of important lessons of life comes with the movie Kung Fu Panda. The goose father shares a profound lesson when he tells his son, “There is no secret ingredient.” This is worth some discussion over a cup of hot cocoa – with extra marshmallows on top or some chocolate chips swirled in to slow down the interactions a bit.

Books to Share Together at Christmas or Any Time of Year

For grandchildren who live nearby, the parents may need an afternoon of shopping while the child stays with the grandparents. Don’t think of this as just babysitting; make it an occasion. Head for the nearest library to check out a few books so you and the child can choose one to cuddle up with. You might want to share your feelings about creating a sustainable society, or the importance of determination when following a dream.

An early Christmas present can be a treasured book from the grandparent’s bookshelves, or one just bought with the child in mind. It can be opened and read on the spot, complete with a discussion over brownies and hot chocolate or another favorite snack. This type of experience can model the concept of “dining” rather than just belting down food – a lesson most children can profit from.

The opening and reading of a book together may be combined while wearing a reading hat.

Have a Small House Party to Provide Calmness in the Busy Christmas Season

Parents may need a break, but this can turn into a special occasion for the child and the grandparents. This can include only you and a grandchild, or several grandchildren, or even inviting a friend or two. However, it is not a time to have a big crowd since it is designed to bring calmness into December. Some may even call it a tea party to emphasize the less active nature of the event although boys may not want that connotation.

You can fix pizza, sandwiches, or make any other kitchen goodies together, taking time to let the child read directions when appropriate and enjoy the moments and delight in the smells of cooking. Encourage the child to add creativity when setting the table, planning the activities or even decorating the food with whipped creme or squirt cheese. After eating it may be time to bring out the bubbles and have some time for delight before settling down for a book or movie.

Play a board game with soft Yuletide music in the background. Take a nature walk and make a poster or picture about what was seen and done there. Taking time to stop and look deeply at a tree, plant, or even snow can stimulate conversation and ideas, as well as some Christmas calmness. Some may even enjoy writing captions for the pictures or a story about the walk. You may even remind them that people and plants are a part of nature so it doesn’t have to be just about wild things.

Older adults can have very special times with their grandkids by giving gifts and events which reflect values they hold dear. Grandparents can try a different approach to Christmas where they honor their budget while enjoy the best of Christmas with their grandchildren. They can orchestrate an afternoon at the movies complete with popcorn and movie reviews. Gifts could include books from the bookstore or library, complete with a reading hat during the story and a shared activity and snack to top it off. Having a small house party can create memories the children will treasure for years while they bond and have fun with food, bubbles, games, etc. Enjoy the Christmas season with your grandchildren!

Tague, Olan MillsMrs. Hildra Tague is a freelance writer, consultant, and teacher dedicated to issues of education, parenting, and seniors.


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