Automobile Features Helpful to Seniors and Boomers From Lincoln

Car Features for Seniors - Lincolns - rollingroscoe
Car Features for Seniors – Lincolns – rollingroscoe
Older adults looking for cars with updated safety, adaptive, and comfort features appropriate for their age and physical abilities might look at Lincolns.

Some of the challenges faced by older drivers can be alleviated by looking at new cars with special features which are helpful to any driver but especially vital for seniors and boomers.

Safety Features to Look for in a New Car When Seniors Buy Cars

Safety is often touted as something older person must remember and stay conscious of at all times. However, Lincoln has provided a number of new luxury cars which keep safety in the automobile’s memory in addition to safe practices observed by senior drivers. These are safety features many older adults look for when they buy new cars:

  • Stability – Their wheel basis and rollover factor rates a 4 or 5 out of 5. RSC, or Rollover Stability Control, senses a roll and acts in conjunction with interlock disc brakes. RSC feels a dip, applies brakes, pulls around rather than turning or dipping into the turn, thus preventing a rollover.
  • Air Bag Systems – Although regular side airbags protect the upper torso, this helps prevent other injuries like a broken leg. The Side Air Curtain deploys before the glass breaks, yet the roll/fold feature exclusive to Lincoln allows it to unroll moving the head – which could be near the window – out of the way first. This system keeps the head and body inside the vehicle in case of a rollover.
  • Steering – First, the steering wheel moves up and down as well as back and forth to a preset position. This tilt and telescopic adjustment is especially helpful on long trips to lessen muscle strain from staying in one position for extended periods.
  • Mirrors – Convex mirrors and Blind Spot Eliminator
  • Headlights – Lights automatically dim when a car is approaching and restore when the car has passed. There are also adaptive headlights which turn on when maneuvering a corner – especially nice at nighttime. This is crucial since night vision may decrease with age.
  • Fuel Inertia Switch – Shuts gas off if accident sensed and calls 911.
  • Back Up Audible Signals – Increase awareness of the safety risks inherent in backing up situations.
  • 4-Wheel Independent Suspension makes for a safer ride.

Features for Senior Car Buyers to Help With Issues of Aging

Some older adults look for features in a car which will help them adapt to issues of aging like memory and visual decline, reduced coordination, or arthritis.

  • Parking – Cars can parallel park themselves with Park Assist.
  • Wipers – Rear sensing which turns on lights and blades, and with harder rain, speeds blades up.
  • Steering Wheel – Can be adjusted up and down as well as back and forth.
  • Turn Signals – Beep if left on too long.
  • Gas Caps – The door acts as a gas cap so there is no need for screwing the cap on and off.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – If a car in front cuts you off, it slows your car down without the driver needing to react, speeding back up with the obstacle is out of the way.
  • Door Handles – Built for less chance of injury as well as more accessible to emergency personnel.
  • Navigation has Voice Activated Controls – GPS system tells “Turn right on Main Street” rather than just “Turn right” which is a much-need improvement over some systems. It also gives warning before a turn to allow time for lane changes.

Automobile Features for Comfort and Enjoyment of Seniors

  • Easy Entry Seats – This is vital for seniors for whom mobility is an issue.
  • Wheelchair or Walker Storage – Some cars have fold flat seats as well as power lift gate controlled by remote, dash or at the inside back area and manual option.
  • Grab Bars – These are close to body, not requiring reaching forward first.
  • Voice Activated Controls for climate and radio designed to keep eyes on the road.
  • Auto Start – May seem like a luxury but becomes important in very hot or very cold weather since the car can be temperature controlled upon entry, a superb feature for older adults who are fragile. This can be accomplished without sacrificing safety since the doors remain locked.

Seniors and Boomers who are looking for a senior-friendly car for themselves or their parents may benefit from looking at the features available in Lincolns. Although they have traditionally been considered high-end or luxury cars, older adults are beginning to look at their finances in a different way with a clear view of current needs of both the driver and the passengers. Thus they may be willing to put a greater slice of their budget toward their automobile.

Seniors are shopping for safety, features which help with the varied issues of aging, and comfort and enjoyment in an automobile. As people age, there may be more need and willingness to look for senior-friendly features in cars.


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