Of These My Children: A New Year’s Revolution

The old year has gone who knows where and my students are busy writing their hopes and dreams for the New Year.  Our unit on Resolutions always brings interesting ideas to class.

However, I was a bit puzzled at one paper with a title written in beautiful script: My New Year’s Revolution.  I was giving a grade for both writing and either Social Studies or Science, but I had a hard time deciding which this was–a revolution as in the wheel goes round would be Science, and the years do go around repeatedly.  But it could also be a revolution of the more rebellious type, therefore it would be a Social Studies grade.  Watch out, mom and dad, this child may be a bit on the oppositional side this year. . .

I use my winter vacation to get caught up on grading.  One budding scientist did his report on caribou.  It seemed appropriate for December.  He clearly wrote, “They are communion animals.”  I bet his church community would have something to say about that! I look forward to the next installment of this little scholar’s informative view of life.

I usually decorate my class with snowflakes in January.  I guess one charming child noticed when she asked, “Will we still have Snow and Tell this week even though we’re out on Monday?” I assured her that Show and Tell would occur on Friday as usual.

Kiddoes love to study animals any time of year.  We had been learning about animals in preparation for a field trip to the zoo.  One proclaimed, “My favorite zoo animals are the lepers!” When one rather knowledgeable student gasped, the reply was, “Baby lepers need love too!”

Once the conversation was opened another chimed up with, “We saw a stunk this weekend.”  Another boy declared, “That’s nothin’.  On vacation I saw a real Black Mama!” Quickly I decided it was time to make a list of these fascinating animals on the board.  Maybe we should even learn to spell words like leopard, skunk, black mamba, etc.

We were so busy in December we didn’t finish reading about mammals of the far north.  I looked more closely at a feature page one child had made for the bulletin board and realized it said, “Caribous eat itchings.”  Maybe we should keep on working on Science vocabulary, adding the word lichen.

When we returned to school in January, some students were still excited about holiday travels.  One boy was quite impressed with the fight attendant on the flight to his grandparents’ house.  He said, “She was so nice no one would dare fight around her.”

I guess it’s time to get back to planning our grammar lesson for next week.  Students will write about their New Years Resolutions.  As a child peeked over my desk, she noticed we will be writing sentences in the past and fortunate  tense.  I guess that means we’ll all have a lucky future in the next year!

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