Seniors and Others Help Homeless With Fundraiser at Egg Cetera

Fundraiser for the Homeless - With kind permission of Kelly Cronan
Fundraiser for the Homeless – With kind permission of Kelly Cronan
A brinner party was held on Saturday, Oct 25, 2010 in Conroe, Texas. The Egg Cetera usually serves only breakfast and lunch, but did this for the homeless.

The evening was abuzz with good food as Compassion United provided live music for the fundraiser for the homeless of Montgomery County, Texas. The many seniors and others present know that feeding the homeless has become even more urgent with the economic climate of recent times. The term brinner designates a combination of breakfast and dinner.

Egg Cetera Holds a Brinner Party for the Homeless of Montgomery County

This restaurant turned their parking lot into an outdoor dining area on this fine fall evening in order to serve more people in an effort to pack them in for the fundraiser for the homeless. Children ran about while seniors and others sat and chatted while enjoying the good music. Chuck Lenning, who owns this establishment with his wife Cynthia, excitedly claimed it was time to “give back to our community” as he was making plans for a grand menu made especially for the evening.

At the actual evening’s event, diners could choose from the special menu or from the regular Egg Cetera breakfast and lunch menu. It was not easy to make a choice with so many good breakfast and dinner offerings. Servers were busily taking orders and making folks feel welcomed. When the word got out about the sweet potato pancakes with spicy pecans and sweet peach butter, people were saving room for dessert. Some seniors were excited about the crab cake pasta. There was also a collection jar for additional donations.

Compassion United Helps Homeless in Montgomery County

Compassion United involves churches, businesses, and individuals working together to make a difference in the community by helping the poor and homeless in the area. Montgomery County Homeless Coalition states that there are upwards of 2000 homeless in this Texas county alone. The economy has made it even harder for these people, many of whom are children.

Although Compassion United is known for feeding the homeless, they actually do that and much more. The Glory Van takes homeless people to doctors appointments, job interviews and training, as well as churches and recovery groups. The CHOP (Conroe House of Prayer) is a multiuse facility used by various churches in service of the homeless. The Overcomers is open Monday through Saturday to inspire the homeless or near homeless. Freedom House provides a transitional home for recently homeless men.

Both CHOP and The Overcomers participate in Our Compassion Coatrack where jackets and other clothing is available. A Saturday morning activity sponsored by Compassion United is Breakfast in the Park where volunteers from all walks of life serve breakfast and kindness all in one day. A number of seniors volunteer to help with this event so vital to the community.

Seniors and others joined with Egg Cetera and Compassion United to throw a fundraiser which was pleasing to both the palate and the ears. The live music played as people enjoyed the crisp fall air and a slight breeze. The proceeds are for Compassion United and will help the poor and homeless of Montgomery County, Texas. What a fine way to celebrate fall – providing for folks who will find winter to be a constant challenge.


Attendance at the event, speaking with Chuck Lenning and others at the event, as well as Compassion United’s flyer about their goals and purposes.

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