Jim Post – Singer, Songwriter and One Man Mark Twain Show

Jim Post Delights His Audience  - Used with permission of Cher Duffin
Jim Post Delights His Audience – Used with permission of Cher Duffin
Jim Post performed in the Houston area recently, both at the Millbend Coffeehouse as a singer and storyteller and as Mark Twain in another appearance.

Jim Post is living proof that people in their seventies still have a lot of living to do! At first glance, one would swear he is Mark Twain, and he does a one-man show Mark Twain and the Laughing River. However, one night of listening to his singing would convince any listener that he’s an impressive songwriter and performer.

Jim Post – Singer-Songwriter and Showman Par Excellence

A career that has lasted over 40 years started with a Top 10 hit single “Reach Out of the Darknes,s” which propelled him to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has performed with top names like Bette Midler, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and others.

He writes with his playwright daughter Cher Duffin, who indicated she was wise to his stage antics and enjoyed his performance as much as the rest. He has a book, The Heart of Christmas, which is about children in 1860 and shows that miracles can be an obligation in disguise. He also has written a number of songs for children.

His performance as Mark Twain has been a big hit in the Chicago area for years. He also did that presentation while he was in the Houston area to an attentive crowd. His Mark Twain persona is quite convincing.

The Millbend Coffeehouse Show with Jim Post

Just before his performance on November 13th, 2010, at The Woodlands, Texas, a man walked up to him and introduced himself saying his name as folks usually do. Jim Post replied, “And I’m not.” Such off the cuff comments were sprinkled throughout his performance as he took his audience on a rollicking tour of music, stories, and the moods of the moment.

He started with the words, “Let’s stand in the light of love” and occasionally slipped into amazingly high notes crooning softly about life, love, and all it can ask of a person. Later he sang about Christ on the Sea of Galilee taking a day to go fishing but ending up walking on water and saying, “Peace, Be Still.” Suddenly he lapsed into storytelling mode with a smirk on his face. Soon the crowd was in stitches with laughter at his depiction of the disciples on the boat. He has quite an ability to find humor in even the most serious of stories – much as Mark Twain did in the past.

His performance contained so many variations: kindly old man, hilarious jokester, rowdy wild man jumping around, and even a dancer working the hips. He went from belting it out to sweet crooning and every once in while struck a pose and held it a while! He bounced around the stage as he was laughing, shaking, and interacting with the audience with his eyes gleaming in joy and humor.

He took time to recognize family members in the audience including his daughter, nephew, and grandson, posing for family pictures later. He spoke fondly of his wife with a “cute little cherub face” who turns heads when she walks by. (He has collaborated with her to write a Christmas play for Lee College.) He spoke and sang glowingly of her when they were “dancin’ underneath the ceiling fan. . . when I asked for your hand.” He even made a convincing instrumental interlude with his lips which had folks looking around for the other instrument!

Before the evening was over, Jim Post had sung spirituals, a ballad or two, singalongs, all the while keeping the audience wondering what was coming next. Jim Post regaled the stage with humor and heart as he went from one mood to another during the performance. As a senior singer, he thrills audience member of any age. His midwest grasp of Mark Twain makes his shows worth putting on your calendar. Whether it be in Houston area, Millbend Coffeehouse, or Chicago, a performance by Jim Post is not to be missed.


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