Seniors Can Prepare for Stomach Virus by Stocking the Pantry

Crackers Can Help With Stomach Virus - xandert
Crackers Can Help With Stomach Virus – xandert
Most seniors know to get their flu and pneumonia shots, but they may be caught in the lurch when a stomach virus hits without warning. Prepare now.

Older people are pretty well trained in the need to lay aside provisions in case of hurricane, blizzard, etc. Yet there is another common event that may occur especially in cold weather that can catch seniors unprepared. Even when you’ve done all you can to prevent illness, a stomach virus may attack without warning. There are a number of rather inexpensive and common items that should be kept in the pantry in case of stomach virus or similar illness.

Soft Food Items to Keep on Hand in Case of Stomach Virus

When a stomach virus or intestinal virus hits a senior or anyone, it is then too late to go shopping. Yet is would only take one trip to the store to lay up provisions for those times when illness strikes unexpectedly. Just like many seniors do with hurricane or other preparedness items, each year they need to be used up and replaced. You may want to pick up these or similar items at the store:

  • Jello products come in serving sizes and can provide a bit of nourishment in a pinch.
  • Crackers come in a wide variety although plainer ones may go down best when ill.
  • Pudding comes in handy when appetite is returning but stomach isn’t yet fully functional.
  • Cooked cereals like farina, oatmeal, etc. are helpful if there is someone to cook them. Even dry but lightly flavored dry cereals like toasted oats can be used.
  • It’s worth keeping a loaf of bread in the freezer to assure there is bread available to make plain toast when one is ready for a few bites.
  • Canned chicken soup helps and some can be microwaved with minimal effort.
  • Instant mashed potatoes can be prepared in a moment and are bland enough to be tolerated.
  • Applesauce can be eaten slowly and comes in individual servings which do not require refrigeration, thus can be stored in the pantry emergency supplies.
  • Bananas will help, though they require shopping, and that isn’t always possible.
  • Some people tolerate rice but that necessitates another person to cook it so it’s not always possible.

Liquids to Have in Pantry in Case of Stomach Virus

There are a number of liquids which can be bought and stored in the pantry. These can be lifesavers when an older person is completely incapacitated with a sudden illness which prevents shopping:

  • When all else fails to go down, broth can help prevent dehydration.
  • Clear juices like white grape juice is another way to stop becoming dehydrated.
  • Some people do well with Sprite or 7-Up or similar sodas by sipping slowly to keep hydrated.
  • Sports drinks replace the electrolytes lost due to fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Bottled water helps when one is too sick to keep walking to the kitchen for a drink.

Most of the items are non-perishable and can be kept in a storage bin or shelf in the pantry. An easy way to keep track is to put month and year on the top in permanent marker, and place new items toward the back to rotate stock. Some may choose to use them up and replace supplies over the summer while others may pick a time when they’re doing more cooking and entertaining like the holidays or when grandchildren visit. Knowing the neighbors can assure urgent help when needed. It will be worth looking at the medicine cabinet to be sure some updated medications are available for upset stomach and diarrhea also. In addition, there are some over the counter diarrhea and nausea medications which can be kept in stock.

When senior citizens or others are hit by a stomach virus they will do much better if they have some basic supplies on hand. There is nothing worse than being totally unable to go to the store, yet in danger of dehydration from excessive fluid loss. Planning ahead and stocking the pantry with a few urgently needed emergency items can lessen the trauma of such violent illness as well as hasten the smooth recovery. These items may not be needed for several years, but when they are needed, they can be absolutely necessary to wellness and recovery. Stock up now.


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