Family Togetherness on Easter: Celebrating Springtime in Hot or Cold Climate

Easter happens in all climates since it’s based on the calendar, not the weather.  Families can celebrate spring fun without breaking the budget.

Although the coming of spring may vary at different latitudes, the celebrate of its coming is in the attitude. There are ways to welcome the hope of spring in cooler weather even if it snows! Family Easter activities can be enjoyed any time during the week of Easter, not necessarily just on Easter Day since many families have work, social, and religious activities scheduled for this holiday.

Share an Easter Breakfast

Awaken to hot chocolate. Hanging out in the kitchen while hot cereal is prepared warms both the body and the soul. Swirl chocolate chips into Cream of Wheat or farina just before taking the first bite. Chocolate or peanut butter chips can be arranged in the shape of two bunny ears as the cereal is served.

Make Easter Egg Baskets an Adventure

The Easter Bunny may choose to let the baskets show up after returning from church, or after a walk.  The baskets don’t have to be just a sugar binge.  Include real carrots and eggs which may have been dyed a day or so before.

Many children enjoy finding a plant there since it reminds them that springtime is a rebirth of nature. Put a sack of soil and a planter or spade in the basket. Gardening is a wonderful activity since it gets children outside, helps connect them with the earth, and teaches them where food and oxygen comes from.

Enjoy a Family Lunch for Easter

What a fine meal one can have from an Easter basket! Real carrots make a salad worthy of any bunny. Eating a few dyed eggs provides healthy protein. Then top it off with a chocolate bunny and/or some sweet treats for dessert.

While drinking root beer, talk about “spring tonic” with the children. Historically, spring tonic, which is now called root beer, was made from boiling the root of a sassafras plant.  It was enjoyed hot, saving any extra as a cool drink for later. (This would also be a great time to learn about the several types of leaves on a sassafras plant!)

Dye Eggs as a Family Togetherness Activity

Make this event more special with the use of paint smocks or old shirts.  Play or sing favorite Easter music like The Easter Parade, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, or Marshmallow Peeps Sing Alongs. Parents don’t have to spend lots of money but can make it special with the gift of time and a bit of drama. (If you ask adults about special memories, it will often be the time, excitement, and attention from loved ones that really counted!)

What a fine opportunity to teach how to boil eggs, use a timer, handle hot pans carefully, and the joy of eating their mistakes. Kids in the kitchen can peel eggs and dip them into salt, pepper, or other condiments like mustard, mayo or catchup. Such skills are an investment in a child’s future since they will always be able to make a snack or meal from boiled eggs. Older children can be shown how to dice (or use an egg slicer) to make egg salad by adding pickle relish, mayo and/or mustard, and other condiments to taste, then stirring.  This can be served as a salad on greens or make delicious sandwiches.

There are several ways to decorate eggs. Follow the directions on a packet of Easter egg dye. Also, non-toxic markers make wonderful tools for personalizing each creation.  Some children even enjoy using stickers on their eggs. Don’t forget to take pictures before eating.

Hide and Hunt Easter Eggs

Egg hunts can be done anywhere, even in the snow! Kids can find treasures on a snowy walk, while sliding downhill, or inside in bad weather. Egg hunts give a chance to teach manners and nurturing by setting a number at which kiddoes stop taking eggs and help others who don’t have enough.

Consider putting alternates to candy in some eggs, like fun challenges like “Bark like a dog while standing on one leg.”  Children are naturals at becoming budding writers by thinking up these types of fun activities, then watching to see who gets to perform them.

Easter can be a great time for family to come together to have special meals, enjoy an Easter basket, and dye, then hunt eggs in any weather.

Copyright by Hildra Tague. Obtain permission from author for use in print or online.


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