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Teaching Tips: When Students Don’t Have Pencils or Homework

Note: My motivation for writing this is explained. There is no group of people anywhere who are more dedicated, capable, and caring than teachers. Society asks far too much of them: long hours, inadequate pay, lack of due respect, and … Continue reading

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Celebrate Presidents’ Day Learning History

Students hear of the sales and campaigns. Let them learn much more about the presidency with a variety of learning activities in history as well as reading and writing. President #26: Teddy Roosevelt* Presidents’ Day offers a chance to fill … Continue reading

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Piggyback Song Lyrics: Saying Goodbye to Christmas

(to the tunes of traditional Angels We Have Heard on High, Harry Belefonte’s Banana Boat Song, and There’s No Place Like Home) Works well with guitar or other instrumental backing, calypso style espsecially: Angels we have heard on high sweetly … Continue reading

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Kids in the Kitchen: Just a Stone’s Throw – From Stone Soup

My cooking reflects my general outlook on life–you might call it my philosophy in a pan. Or perhaps A Fable for Hard Times: The classic in my life was Squash Soup.  While I was in college and had two little … Continue reading

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School Yard Tales: Hatching Science in the Classroom

Sometimes serendipity comes to call and magic just seems to sprout up in the classroom. We teachers do what we can to make it happen, but magic events in school can just pop up on their own. It all started … Continue reading

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Honeysuckle Air: The Impossible Letter to Grandma

Back in the days when holiday trips were pretty much like the song “Over the River and Through the Wood” only with a gasoline auto, our family made the trek from Vera, Oklahoma all the way to Bixby. Even though … Continue reading

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Dangers of Living Through Your Children

Parents may find themselves living through their children. There are pitfalls to this habit as well as real harm to the children, & there are alternatives. Playing for Himself or for the Parent? Dangers to Parents of Living Through Your … Continue reading

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