Of These My Children: Busy Being Children

Teaching can be called a poetic  profession since you get to catch glimpses of the mind of a child. Guiding students through the dungeons of developing vocabulary can be both inspiring and gently hilarious.

Almost every child in grade school has fun in Science. Sometimes science and religion can become a bit confused. When we studied the way matter takes up space and has mass one astute guy said, “No, I think you mean takes up space at mass.”  It’s good to know this student is getting his religious training.

Math can be a help in understanding Science. But there are so many subjects at school that they may swirl around in a child’s head. A sweet gal politely asked if she could use some of that biography paper for her science homework since her mom was out of it at home. Supplies of graph paper which we used in Math tend to run out quickly since kids love to draw and color on those cool sheets with squares everywhere. I also remembered that we had used the word biography in the library the other day. Oh, what a tangled web!

Study of the stars gives kids a chance to stay up late and look up in the sky. A budding young scientist reported that he and his dad stayed out in the back yard way in the night to see the consultating. We had been learning to identify constellations but he must have been getting some extra consulting from the heavens above!

Sometimes Social Studies and Science have a wreck. In Health the students were shocked at the bluebonnet plague in history since bluebonnets were so revered in Texas. My book said bubonic but I guess I had a different edition.

Then when we learned that the flow of rivers turned mansions to make electricity the students just couldn’t figure it out. Neither could I till I found the word machines.

Lunch is a great time to get acquainted and share our life’s stories. A boy was eager to open his lunch box and eat his smacaroni and cheese. It was a nice day outside and a young gent proceeded to give us a weather report. Another boy asked why they always had terrific weather and news when sometimes the weather isn’t so terrific. Eventually we figured out he meant traffic, weather and news.

Some children go to church on Sundays, but don’t always catch on to all the concepts. One guy asked why they say The Lord’s Mare. He remembered seeing a picture of a donkey in the Bible, but didn’t that that was actually a mare. Another student said she knew all of it and started saying it, rather well, except the part about Howard be thy Name. It seemed to be a good day to read it aloud as a class, discussing vocabulary as we went along.

Most the the family weekend activities are fun. Yet at times they are not. A young lady reported going to the seminary for a funeral. I’m not sure which church she attends, but my church usually buries people in a cementary.

One young man was quite the musician. He knew lots of songs and their lyrics. He was humming a song as he ate and a classmate asked him what song it was. The singer answered, ” The Airplane Song by Johnny Cash.” I didn’t remember that song so I asked him why he called it The Airplane Song. He sang his answer, “I fell into a burning ring of fire. Down, down, down, the planes went higher.” I try to stay up on music, but I must have misinterpreted the lyrics cause I always thought it was flames that went higher and higher. So much to learn, even for teachers.

After lunch we were learning about Geography. After our lesson we played Texas Bingo. A little lad was thrilled to find a place called The Texas Gulf Ghost! Tomorrow in English we really should work some more on rhyming words, like ghost and coast.

Everyone can be tired at times in the afternoon. One boy had his head down when I called his reading group to come up and work with me. When he didn’t respond I sent a friend to check on him. The friend whispered with him, patting him on the shoulder. He then looked up and said, “He can’t come cause he’s busy.” I quickly asked what he was busy with. His friend answered solemnly, “He’s busy being sick.”

Thank goodness, the clock told me it was almost time to go home. I was ready since I really need to go home and get busy being sick.

Copyright by Hildra Tague. Obtain permission for use online or in print.


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Career educator in both public and private schools. Has tutored all ages. Writes about education, parenting, & seniors. Sings harmony with folk/rock group and a choir. Caregiver for spouse who dealt with Stage IV cancer. Happy person committed to nature and conservation of a green world.
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