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Educational Issues: Understanding Children Who Learn Differently

Out in space or in the race? Time has come for us as parents and professionals to get beyond awareness of the problems our children face into solutions which treat all learning channels with equal respect. It is time to … Continue reading

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Teaching Tips Poem: The Bull Corn Horn

As teachers, we have studied and this training kicks in to help us in many teaching situations. Yet there are other times when only creativity, thinking on your feet, and perhaps pure dumb luck make good learning happen in the … Continue reading

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Of These My Children: Kids and The Eternal Revenue Service

In our small private school I make special efforts to listen to students. They teach me so much. Children come to school on Mondays full of their weekend experiences. One young man rushed into my class to inform me that … Continue reading

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Honeysuckle Air: Just My Natural Sparkle

We saw it coming and could do nothing to protect ourselves. All six of the I-10 lanes near New Orleans were packed with fast moving traffic. There wasn’t any way to even change lanes in time enough to dodge it. … Continue reading

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School Yard Tales: Miss Judy Comes to School

Tree Land School looked like a little gingerbread house set way back on an acre in the woods. But instead of a witch, it had a big play yard, Miss Popcorn Goat as a mascot, and a shady picnic area … Continue reading

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Make Kindness Book for Valentine’s Day

February is a perfect time for the class to make Kindness Books which teach vocabulary, writing, cause and effect, creativity while improving emotional IQ. A Day for Kindness – dieraecherin Now that you’ve gotten the year off to a good … Continue reading

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Teaching Tips: Super Structure for Classroom Success

There are a surprising number of ways to organize classroom space, furniture, activities, schedule, and behavioral expectations to generate classroom success. Facilities and Furniture to Facilitate Fantastic Feelings It is helpful to place areas of special service as close to … Continue reading

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