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Summer – A Time to Make Memories

Ah, we parents don’t have to get up and rush the kids off to school. Carpools are over except for afternoon sports. We can finally rest! What — you mean the kids are still here? Maybe we’ve got more than … Continue reading

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Honeysuckle Air: The Signing of the Wills

Note: The following guest blog is a slice of history before women had very many financial rights. It does not feature anyone you might know personally. But it does ring true to the situation which numerous women had to deal … Continue reading

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School Yard Tales: The Day the Teacher Hypnotized a Lizard!

Every kid at Tree Land School knows Recess is the best period of the day! When they get through with all the morning’s hard work, students have a picnic lunch. The children like to sit at a picnic table and … Continue reading

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Of These My Children: Polka Dot Eyes

Teaching in a small private school is such a pleasure. Students arrive full of energy on Monday mornings.  A boy said his dad had a birthday over the weekend. His favorite present was blue overhalls. So, does that make this … Continue reading

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Teaching Tips Poem: I Write The Plans

Piggyback song to the tune of I Write The Songs as sung by Barry Manilow. Let’s write some plans that make the children try. Say, why must school hurt, oh yes, please why? —————- Is there a chance that we … Continue reading

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At Risk Students: To Do – Or Talk About Doing?

One of the most vital issues affecting parents of at-risk kids today is the concept of empowerment. Many people, while in the initial shock and at times grief, wait for a professional to give them the “answer” or at least … Continue reading

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Meditation: Dancing in the Waiting Room of Life

Life is a waiting room. We are all waiting, waiting, waiting, and for what? The final goal is often unseen by most of us. Yet the final goal is our final exit. It may behoove us to find things to … Continue reading

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