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Honeysuckle Air: Summer Vacation Trip to Hell

For those of you who think hell is hot, consider this. Hell can be round as a golf ball, cold as ice, and falling like evil raindrops all over your summer vacation. Each summer saw me and my hubby on … Continue reading

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Detroit and Other Near-Bankrupt Cities – An Onlooker’s Musings on Possible Solutions

Hearing about Detroit’s plunge into bankruptcy makes me realize not only Detroit, but also other cities on the edge financially, may benefit from looking at non-customary methods of survival and/or rebuilding. Such pilot endeavors could operate right alongside whatever other strategies … Continue reading

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Inspirational Poem: The Fractal Hug

This poem was written after attending a panel of advanced mathematicians on fractals and the human brain. Although mathematicians speak of fractals in nature, it was interesting to hear them apply those concepts in further ways. My brain could barely … Continue reading

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Piggyback Song Lyrics: Snowflakes and Classmates to Teach Compound Words

Tune: Morning  Has Broken  (For use in teaching compound words. Add a bulletin board full of compounds. Works well with winter theme and snowflakes decorating it. Each snowflake can have a student’s name or picture on it.) Each one is … Continue reading

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Inspirational Poem: Church School Teaching

Butterflies Are We! At first, we didn’t look like butterflies–we didn’t act like butterflies. But, week after week we spun a cocoon around and about ourselves. While waiting inside the cocoon we: * learned to value and nurture each other … Continue reading

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School Yard Tales: Warming Up the Court for The Rockets!

Our little school got lucky one day. We went to see The Rockets play. John Lucas was the guy who played in the 8Os. He’s the Rocket who was surely one of the greatest! NBA caliber, coaching well, back when … Continue reading

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Of These My Children: Picking Locks at School

I’m always happy to know the students are a part of their family’s faith community. At my small private school Monday mornings bring me some religious training. A boy informed me that Jesus had 12 impossibles. Another well-churched child corrected him … Continue reading

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