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The Case for Interesting Learning Environments for Jr. Hi and Sr. Hi Classrooms

After retiring from teaching I spent a couple of years subbing in a wide variety of classes. Since less substitute teachers want Jr. or Sr. high I spent much time in classrooms in a number of schools and subjects. I … Continue reading

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Prepare Children to Multiply with Counting Games

To foster both enjoyment and success in math, teachers and parents can play skip-counting games while having fun with numbers. Kids will learn without realizing it! There are ways to prepare students for multiplying even before beginning to use that … Continue reading

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Poem: Wisdom in a Tree

We all hear about everything in moderation. Not too much, but just enough: Just enough is a fine shade. Too much gives a bitter chill and makes one In need of sunshine. ——– Just enough allows one to glimpse beauty … Continue reading

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Meditation: The Spiritual Practice of Trimming Your Life Regularly

At various points in my lifetime I’ve found ways to enjoy gardening. Even in New York City I spent time with the sparse plants on the sidewalks and parks were refreshing to my soul. For a number of years I … Continue reading

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Of These My Children: Teaching is a Process of Illumination

Students look forward to seeing their friends after the long hot summer. There is so much to share with each other about their adventures in those school-free months. A boy told me his family loved to watch The Bloomer Shows and they … Continue reading

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