Honeysuckle Air: My Dining Room Went from Hysterical to Historical in One Weekend!

I always thought I knew what TGIF meant, but this sunny Friday afternoon gave it a new meaning. I was doing paperwork at my all-glass dining table when I was startled to the  sound of falling glass. It was a big, heavy sound, not like just a glass of water. I glanced around the table, seeing nothing. Then a foreboding calm came over me as I gently slid my chair away from the table. Yup, one of the two large glass supports for the table had fallen. There were two on each end, and I was at the end being supported by only a vertical glass, defying gravity and several other laws of science!

This Friday had become a new TGIF: The Glass is Falling.

I quickly removed everything from the table, being careful not to jar anything–praying my luck would hold out with the single glass pane continued to stand impossibly straight.

Then I got my husband, asking him to move gingerly and not talk as we removed the 200-pound glass table top over to the couch.  Right about then I decided to breathe, requesting a much-needed hug from him as we both marveled at the astounding piece of good fortune we just had. We both knew the glass could, no should, have fallen, yet it stood erect, giving me just enough time to escape. Wow, time for gratitude!

Okay, now I had no table to eat on and no bed to sleep in as the huge glass occupied that space. So time was of the essence as I looked at my options. We trolled the internet for a table and found lots with little spindly legs along with a few better ones which were out of our budget.  So we decided to hit the second hand shops early Saturday morning. As I went to sleep in my chair, I mused on the idea of saving the wonderful glass top by placing it atop a nice stable table.

It took a while, and several stores. Some were too heavy, and others were wobbly, but then we spotted one which seemed just right. It even looked like it might fit in our CRV. So we took out our trusty measuring tape. Yup, it would be tight but possible. So we loaded it, noticing it was almost impossibly tight as we pushed it in. So we took off our shirts (we still had t-shirts on, ha) and put cloth for padding on the two offending legs to avoid damaging our car’s ceiling.

Even with pushing and shoving, there were still a few feet hanging out the back end. The store guy said he’d get us some men’s ties. Amid giggles, we jerry-rigged the tie downs with 3 truly gorgeous men’s ties!

With hubby holding on for dear life with one hand while scrunched up in the passenger seat, I took off, never going over 20 mph. All was well till we heard a splat on our windshield! It seems we drove into a tropical downpour of gigantic proportions. I just kept driving, taking corners very carefully, and talking to keep myself calm.

We made it home to find water in our well-drained parking lot was up to our ankles. Unloading wouldn’t be a good idea, so we rushed inside, got a snack and tried to settle down. But I just couldn’t stand it. I returned to check on things, knowing it could only get worse. So I armed myself with several blankets and two huge umbrellas.

I mopped up the water which had accumulated and put a dry blanket on it, then propped an umbrella on each of the two legs which were out in the weather. It worked! The rain went its way and I knew it was time to eat lunch and rest before I dropped from exhaustion.  (I wish I had taken a picture, but I was soaked and it never entered my mind.)

I’ve always loved a story with a good ending. Before we crashed for the night, I mused on putting a pretty tablecloth under the glass, but it didn’t quite fit. Then I thought of the historical hanging of the tiny town where I grew up, just sitting on the shelf and held it up to find it was a perfect match.

On Sunday my son and his partner came over to help set it up and lift the 200 lb. top. The glass top fit perfectly, and the history jumps out to give the area an artsy look. Sometimes–even amid a blinding storm–Lady Luck just shines on me. This event was fraught with danger, risk and outright impossibilities, yet it turned out beautifully with no injuries and a heart packed with gratitude:-)



Copyright by Hildra Tague. Obtain permission for use online or in print.





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