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Mining in a Treetop: Education Matters

Providing ideas and encouragement to parents, teachers, family members, and anyone else who works with or cares about children of any age. Many years ago I founded a tiny private school as an alternative for families who didn’t feel they … Continue reading

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School Yard Stories: The Year the Crows Came to Call

Tree Land School was such a fun place! Students liked the Frog Stairway and they worked hard every day. On Fridays Miss Judy came and they all sang their heart out, ending the week on a good note. The summer’s … Continue reading

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Sons and Mothers — and Others: Anatomy of a Senior Bully

The stories he was telling me didn’t even seem real. Senior citizens weren’t supposed to act like that. Condo association meetings are often a source of heated discussion. But threatening new residents with choking by electric cord and no one … Continue reading

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Church Stories: Helping Children Learn to Sit in Church

Although child-rearing practices vary greatly, almost everyone wants kids in church to not run around and to sit with some measure of quietness. Their parents and others who love them want them to get something out of their time in … Continue reading

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Poem: IQ for Me and You

I’ve got one, and you do too. The official name for it is IQ. IQ too often stands alone, like a good dose of ole’ corn pone. Looking at it alone is such a crime. Smart folks think it’s a … Continue reading

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Honeysuckle Air: 25 Things About Me –

This was written in response to a Facebook game a few years ago, but I decided to keep it as it’s biographical at that point in time. 1. I considered not doing this, but then decided to assertively take time … Continue reading

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Church Stories: The Day the Choir Wore Bandaids

They say empathy is natural for children but comes a bit harder for adults. But sometimes adults just get it right. What better place for it to happen than in church! Our beloved minister, Don Vaughn-Forester, had missed some time … Continue reading

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