Honeysuckle Air: 25 Things About Me –

This was written in response to a Facebook game a few years ago, but I decided to keep it as it’s biographical at that point in time.

1. I considered not doing this, but then decided to assertively take time to celebrate being me–a luxury not available over the last few years of being the sole caregiver to my husband as he battled stage IV cancer and now the continuing issues and care.

2.For a few yrs as a child I lived on a dairy farm, milked cows, etc, limed the barn nightly, thus have the lungs of a smoker.

3. Have tutored all ages for right at 50 years (started as a teen), loving every minute.

4. Love to sing,esp. harmonizing, sang gospel music starting at 3 y.o. solos, then shape notes, singing conventions, and 4 pt harmony most every night after supper. Learned alto by hearing my sister sing as I sang melody and she harmonized, but play piano only with one hand, since my two hands aren’t on the same team!

5. Have had over 50 articles published in 80’s and 90’s in varied magazines and newspapers, most about education, but some poetry, inspirational, and humor. Also did a several years stint as a feature writer for a Canadian online publication, publishing over 200 articles there.

6. I have a street tar tatoo by my left tye from being dragged on the street on my left side.

7. I have two fine sons and 5 wonderful grandkids! Also a fantastic daughter-in-law and marvelous son-in-law:-)

8. I taught school for over 40 years (even coached wrestling the first year 1 hour a day since the kids needed that outlet in an inner city school!!?!) and loved being a teacher. But I still dislike wrestling!

9. I write poetry and put together a book of holiday thoughts, poems, etc. called Christmas Sparkles which included year-end letters I had written over the years.

10. I don’t particularly like UTI infections, lowered immunity and secondary bronchial problems, etc. YUK.

11. I have always been naturally happy, as can be seen from childhood photos.

12. I wrote a Divorce Tearbook at mid-life to help my journey and hopefully that of others. Maybe it’s time to try to get it published. . .   I have over 100 items in a Grief Tearbook which covers many kinds of grief and promotes healing.

13. I grew up as a daughter of a tenant farmer — moved every 2 years in Oklahoma. What we now call child abuse was fairly accepted in those days so it was part of my upbringing.

14. I love to read — as a child I had a stack of Jack and Jill magazines given to my mother which I read over and over, then worked in a library in jr. and sr. hi.

15. In high school, toured a several -state area playing the Minister Lady in God’s Trombones, picked ’cause I had the right downhome accent!

16. I have been told I have granulomatous disease which may explain my having  secondary infections requiring taking more antibiotics than I prefer. It means I have to watch what I breathe, and what I touch.

17. I see the glass half full, or maybe even fuller! (Friends have referred to me as a Polyanna, ha.) One even said when life gave me lemons, I made lemon meringue pie!

18. I wrote a book for my sons after they graduated college called “I Used to Cook Book” which all their favorite recipes from growing up years along with memory-filled commentary. Being a mother was the greatest joy of my life!

19. I love to play in the dirt almost as much as Garrison Keillor,i.e. gardening. It has given me much joy. I wanted to raise a veggie garden at my new place, but had to give it up since as Larry says, “I love nature, but it doesn’t love me back.” (The medical bills were higher than buying veggies by far!)

20. I started working at 11 years of age, mopping and wrapping silverware in school lunchroom to pay for my lunches. In college I worked in the cafeteria, cleaning up messes made by rich kids who switched sugar and salt and thought that was funny:-(

21. I lived in NYC at age 17 (after my first yr. of college) and worked at American Bible Society that summer, then managed a donut shop under Rockefellar Plaza at night while working on the 62nd floor during the day in a vault for Standard Oil, so I could pay my way to college.

22. I’ve put together several kid’s song collections, and write piggyback songs to help with learning both academic skills and social concepts like acceptance of diversity, etc.

23. I used to enjoy dancing: ballroom, rock and roll, folk, round, square, and even performed a few times in Houston area clogging! (Hmm, I wonder why I have a bad left knee?)

24. I ran a private school for 23 years for “kids who fall out of the net” where main criteria of success was improvement in child’s happiness (had a pizza garden, a Chocolate Porch, Miss Popcorn Goat as a mascot, and a fleet of computers, such a fine memory for the kiddos and me!)

25. Saving the best for last, I love to write and I now write online, mostly about psychoeducational topics, senior living, caregiving, humor from the mouths of children, and many other areas. So Google me and see a list of my articles as I have written almost 600 online, many available on my blog. Now that I’m retired, I’m on the lookout for magazine  opportunities.

Copyright 2009 by Hildra Tague. Obtain permission for use online or in print.


About grantutor

Career educator in both public and private schools. Has tutored all ages. Writes about education, parenting, & seniors. Sings harmony with folk/rock group and a choir. Caregiver for spouse who dealt with Stage IV cancer. Happy person committed to nature and conservation of a green world.
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