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Poetry and Inspiration: Keeping the Pace When Problems Hit

Got a problem?   Keep the pace    .    .    . In distress? Put hope on your face    .    .    .   When all else fails, don’t listen to the jeering. Stand up and move … Continue reading

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Sons and Mothers: Bob Norman Takes the Case!

I have written several times about senior bullying where I live. An investigative reporter is now on the case:-(   Thought you might enjoy seeing that we are getting some traction on the bullying and crime issue where I live:-) … Continue reading

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Sons and Mothers – and Others: Response to Green Sheet of Condo Intimidation

Open Letter to Unit Owners at Georgian Court North, Ft. Lauderdale At 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 20th of 2014, I was taking my early walk and happened on a shocking discovery. The enclosed Green Sheet was posted on every … Continue reading

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