Church Stories: Thoughts I’ve Had in Church


These are random thoughts I’ve had while sitting still in church. Some were inspired by sermons, music, or just the quiet chambers of my heart:

Tentacle Theology – When a person wants their one’s ideology or religious beliefs pushed on others so they will all come into that individual’s way of thinking. (I can’t help but wonder What Would Jesus Do? I think He would accept all people as they are, and let his actions do the preaching.)

Healthy Humility – We all need a good dose of that.

Violence in our Culture – We’re past Trickle Down. We’re into Gush Down:-(

Reverse Redbirds – Ever notice how people do the reverse of birds: they women try hard to dress in bright colors, even plume and crest. But men throw on a suit and tie and feel totally birdly in every way.

Almost a Haiku: God is a Hammock, not a box. With God I’m not put in locks! I’m surrounded with comfort and love and able to think at my best, so the love of God is like time in a hammock–a perfect rest.

Religion is Theology and doctrine for thee, but I learn from weeds for me.  (on the idea of just parroting beliefs or wading through the weed patch of life and learning to love life in all of it’s messiness)

Sometimes I get lucky and write something grand: I just found this in my old writings–just a quip: Unitarian Universalism isn’t a religion–it’s a grow light!

5-1-94  Soul Soup, the anecdote of moving: problems to grief to opportunity to pain, sweat, joy, fear to who knows?

Religion as Turf? Some folks think of religion as a warm blanket, but others think of it as turf belonging to them and them only. (Is this why people have turf wars over religion, which should be a container of their finest feelings and kindness. You know, like Jesus.)

Inspiration can come in tiny whiffs, like breathing in fresh air, and though brief, provides refreshment for my jaunt on the road of life:

Shakespaere said that cowards die many times before their deaths.  My hope is to live many times before I die.

Rhodes scholar Wes More says his mother always said, “Kids need to think that you care before they care what you think.”

My late friend Henry Jacobson (did national weather in its inception): An afternoon spent with him inspired me to write: A problem forces you to farm the crop of your strengths. Cultivating the garden of your possibilities opens the window of your shoulds to the warmth of sunlight and the delightful skipping of shadows.

From Loving Frank by Nancy Horan: “My father. . . had a name for the bottom of the sky — the hem of heaven.”

Rogert Fulghum said, in his fine book Maybe (Maybe Not): “Whatever we may think or believe, but what we have done is our story.”

“Surround yourself with sinners” is what Jesus would say and do.

Wisdom is only wise till you catch it — then it is in danger of becoming a rash!  “Caught” wisdom is more like an illness. It spreads its contagion to all it touches. From this we may learn: “Never claim to touch wisdom. Only strive toward it, and admire it from afar. But never claim it as your own possession.” Thus knowledge of wisdom is worth far more than possession of wisdom. (Knowledge you can keep, find and understand it. Possessions only keep you!)

Knowledge is fluid information which always changes; wisdom is a compass to guide you through the fluff the find what matters to you.

Knowledge is constantly changing. Wisdom stays the same.

Meditation Blessing: Now let us rest– alone — together.

Forgive — it works better than revenge. Resolve to be assertive with respect.

My life in a Notebook: For years I’ve been trying to capture some order in my life by doing what I was taught in school – put it in a notebook!

Worry about the Great Gap between the Say and the Do! (from my Values Vertex theory)

Anger is a Solo

Anger is okay; hurting someone is not.

Forgive life; relive life.  .  .

Memories are the path from the past we walk on in the present in order to find our way to the future.

Life is full of tense moments: Remember your tense from school: past, present, future. The future is a bunch of presents we open during the day. Hold onto the present tense, let go of the past, and keep your presence front and center!

Copyright 2015 by Hildra Tague. Obtain permission for use online or in print.


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Career educator in both public and private schools. Has tutored all ages. Writes about education, parenting, & seniors. Sings harmony with folk/rock group and a choir. Caregiver for spouse who dealt with Stage IV cancer. Happy person committed to nature and conservation of a green world.
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