Parent Vitamins: Thoughts to Help with Parenting

I started using Parent Vitamins as small nuggets of importance for parents to chew on after parent conferences or at parenting workshops. I particularly liked making them into charts to hang around as a way of spurring the value of looking at one’s parenting behaviors to see if they were working, and if not, consider changes and adjustments.


Use care tactics rather than scare tactics.

Power struggles never work!

Listening — what we all need more of — let’s do it for one another!

Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.

Some say, “Let George.” George died a quiet death. It’s our move.

Think. Feelings will follow. Avoid being dragged along by your feelings.

Teaching is Reaching, not Preaching!

Hugs are great human erasers. When you see a mistake, give yourself and someone else, a hug.

Parents don’t necessarily cause behaviors. But they may influence them.

2 kinds of time to spend with your child:

1) as I-thou, listening more than you talk, and

2) in an adult role reading a story, etc.

Walk as you talk, like the old “actions speak louder than words.”

Quantity time can be just as important as quality time!

Motivate with the heart–don’t lead with the answer.

Don’t blame, but frame. That makes prevention work with structuring guidelines before bad things can happen.

If you must blame, find facts rather than faults!

Parents need a break as they are one of the most left out groups in education.

All the things to do or not to do

Makes me wonder if my kid’s breakable too!

(Sometimes parents feel that way.)


Copyright 2015 by Hildra Tague. Obtain permission for use online or in print.


About grantutor

Career educator in both public and private schools. Has tutored all ages. Writes about education, parenting, & seniors. Sings harmony with folk/rock group and a choir. Caregiver for spouse who dealt with Stage IV cancer. Happy person committed to nature and conservation of a green world.
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