Of These My Children: Prevent Intergalactic Shock!

My students teach me so much at our small private school. Each day I spend with them is almost better than a trip to outer space.

One Monday morning during our warmup, which we do to get the brains started for the day, a boy just couldn’t wait to tell us about his weekend. He went on, “My uncle and I came home  from the Star Wars movie and made a pizza. He turned the TV news on and it talked about someone having Intergalactic Shock. Is that a sickness? Can it make them so sick they get shot up into space, like out in the galaxies?”

Looks like we have a new Vocabulary word for our list, anaphylactic shock!

There is so much to learn in Language and Spelling class. As one aggravated kid exclaimed, “Every hour or so the teacher just up and changes the subject!” We had just finished singing the names of the continents and he didn’t really enjoy moving on.

But Spell we must. So I asked them to put their list words in order. One sweet gal inquired, “You meant put the words in African order?”  Actually, I had in mind putting them in alphabetical order, but I was taking no  chances so I replied, “ABC order please.” 

Then we wrote sentences using the spelling and vocabulary words. One little guy wrote how much fun he was having with his library book which Dr. Juice wroteThose Dr. Suess books fascinate me too.

Sometimes the students remember what we studied the day before. One boy even went home and asked his dad, “Do you know who the Egyptians were? You know, they built those huge periods in the desert.” Yup, it’s true that I reminded the class to use their periods in the sentences, but maybe he listened too well. Maybe next week we’ll have fun with words which look a little alike, like periods and pyramids.

The class enjoys Lunch in the sideyard where we could eat at picnic tables or sit up high on The Chocolate Porch among birds, frogs, squirrels and our school mascot Miss Popcorn Goat. It’s such a great time for us to catch up on our visiting. One young lady was all excited about her aunt who “just got engaged to be harried” last weekend! Now I’ve always heard that marriage can be a challenge, but that one’s in for it.

Kids just don’t see the world as disastrously as we adults sometimes do. A child said his dad had lost his job. Another guy tried to help, “Don’t they have a Lost and Found where he could go to find it?” I had a good chance to teach some manners as I squelched the someone’s giggle. Now that we were on the topic of careers, one gal said, “My mom always wanted to be a traumatic actor.” I guess if you’re that dramatic, trauma can’t be too far behind. One guy took such pride in knowing how to pronounce a long word as he bragged, “My dad is an entree manure.” Maybe entrepreneur is a little long for our vocabulary list but I did add manure since we were learning about country life in History class.

No one ever sleeps in Science class. Each student may come away with different observations. One kid learned that blood is made of platinum but when we looked in the book it said plasma. Another saw a picture of a sweet gum ball from a Texas sweetgum tree  and hollered out, “This must be a porcupine egg!” 

When we study the weather, I never quite know whether to call it Math or Science. But one student knew exactly what the  temperature was, “It’s 30 agrees outside.”  What could I do but agree with him?

One girl was a stickler for the rules. She looked at the clock and demanded, “It’s Math Enforcement time. We gotta get going on it!”  It was nice to know she remembered that I use the first few minutes of Math class to reinforce the math facts.

As the clock continued to march, I realized that the students were tired and so was I. So as we closed things up for the day, I noticed no-one objected when I changed the subject to “Time to go home” so they went to their rides and disappeared.

I had to stay a while longer to mark the day’s work with encouraging words and stickers to be found the next day so none of my students would go into Intergalactic Shock!


Copyright 2016 by Hildra Tague. Obtain permission for use online or in print.




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Career educator in both public and private schools. Has tutored all ages. Writes about education, parenting, & seniors. Sings harmony with folk/rock group and a choir. Caregiver for spouse who dealt with Stage IV cancer. Happy person committed to nature and conservation of a green world.
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