Deep Breathing Moments: My Macaroni Meltdown


Caregiver Stories: Stress and My Macaroni Meltdown

Walking on macaroni  became the theme of my weekend. I didn’t intend it to be that way for sure!  As I said, it wasn’t my choice. The macaroni just volunteered!

Obviously the week isn’t over yet! My run of bad luck is rushing downhill quickly aargh!

First I laid out stuff for lunch. Then I proceeded to knock over the macaroni all over the floor. Due to my recent eye procedure I couldn’t see it well enough to clean up efficiently. When I used the broom I couldn’t see the mean-spirited macaroni, yet when I laid the broom down and leaned over I could see it was still causing trouble on my floor!

I couldn’t find my CanOpener and there’s not very many places it could escape to. Oh well it must’ve fallen in the trash sometime. I saw it last on the edge of the cabinet–probably not a good place to lay it down.

Oh well I  changed the tuna out to one that would open with my finger. However, even that proved to be a trial since my finger wasn’t really strong enough to make it open. I finally succeeded with a screwdriver and knife! I realized  I wouldn’t be able to put peas in my tuna and pasta since they require a CanOpener.

There’s only a few more hours left in this week. I’ve had enough!

To clarify, I’m one of those people who NEVER loses anything, so my feelings were hurt! I suddenly hurtled into a pity party long enough to put my complaint on Facebook. A wonderful Texas friend Rebecca responded with “Eat a meal and then SIT DOWN.  Take several deep breaths…You are safe. You are loved. You are strong enough to eat tuna without peas and a reduced amount of pasta. As all things do, this too shall change. Xoxoxo.”  As I read this, I realized I had already done the first three things. However, the rest of her wisdom reinforced that as well as reminded me the pity party was over.

As I relaxed I realized the old can opener actually didn’t work very well anyway since it usually made me get cut. It wouldn’t open all the way around no matter how many tries, so I often had to pry the open half up at the risk of a bloody finger.

I noticed my reasoning was improving as my blood sugar level returned to normal. Guess what, even caregivers need food, ahem, especially when a straw to break the camel’s back turns up. Also I had forgotten that this eye procedure messes with my blood sugar, arggh!

After I took food to my disabled hubby I rested some more. My younger son has often said when something goes wrong there may be a lesson there. So I spend the mental energy earned from food and relaxing to look for what this outburst of aggravation could teach me.

I found two jewels in the pain of the day: 1) Sometimes a seemingly bad event can yield a positive fruit. In this case, I really needed to get a new can opener so I could quit getting cut and taking unnecessary risks since my blood thinner tended to encourage unwanted bleeding.

2) This minor tragedy was not the event–it was only a pointer telling me my stress level needed an adjustment. After all, every once in a while we all need to renew our subscription to reality, don’t we? My reality was that I needed to stop and renew, turn on the AC, and give my mind a little vacation. So I grabbed the moment since my patient was snoozing in the other room, teehee.

The week ended with no more unwanted events and I even caught a relaxing snooze too:-)

And just when I thought it was “only a memory” my good friend and former neighbor and fellow caregiver Dorothy had a package delivered to me. As I unpacked the box of goodies I saw a note inscribed on it saying “SNACKS THAT DO NOT REQUIRE A CAN OPENER” and came full circle into another Macaroni Meltdown–into raucous and belly busting  laughter.


Copyright 2017 by HIldra Tague. Obtain permission for use online or in print.

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Career educator in both public and private schools. Has tutored all ages. Writes about education, parenting, & seniors. Sings harmony with folk/rock group and a choir. Caregiver for spouse who dealt with Stage IV cancer. Happy person committed to nature and conservation of a green world.
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