Teardrops for My Country: Repeal and Replace?!

 I wrote this in my anguish one day after hearing the news about cutting aid to after school programs and Meals on Wheels. (I’m a retired teacher and of course, a senior!)  My laundry list of concerns is still alive and growing but not well!

Sing as Introduction:

One morning I had an inspiration.

It made me want to sing you this song.

It came out of my exasperation.

That things seem to be so very wrong.


Repeal and Replace a congressman’s face.

Rejecting diversity; ignoring adversity.

Reeling in the votes while trampling on the voters.

Remember protection is in the next election!


Verse 1:

Repeal and Replace: 

Rewarding bad behavior with tax breaks for the rich; so they need our help?

Remind the poor to just save more! (how, save what, the grocery money?)

Regarding older folks, just wait for Medicare (so sit and be patient during your heart attack).

Reallocation of wealth, tariffs, low wages.  (movin’ them dollars upstream!)

Repeal and Replace:

Racism, rudeness, hate groups! Can you spell fascism?

Raunchiness towards women, even rape. Time’s up folks!

Remember LGBTQ just to name a few! Respect is the soul of democracy!

Rejection of so many Americans. Poor Lincoln, rollin’ rollin’ rollin in his grave…

Repeal and Replace:

Resisting gun safety & opioid solutions for middle America.

Restraining immigrant children while their parents are taken.

Rumor is now they want a piece of my Medicare and Social Security!

Respect for our citizens! (Just sayin’ Wash out your ears with hope!)

Repeal and Replace:

Refusing to see the suffering. Weapons of war so easy to get.

Resting at night while many live in fright; students die in broad daylight.

Repeating alternative facts, over and over, till some people believe them.

Ruining the Reputation of America! Leaders around the world are laughing!

Verse 2:

Repeal and Replace:

Reading and defending the Constitution.  ‘Fraid not.

Repeating things that have failed before — like trickle down — NOPE!

Rural folks used for votes yet no help when they’re sick or broke.

Ruling out The Great American Dream!!  (Sorry about that — Founding Fathers. I know you’re pulling your white hair out.)

Repeal and Replace:

Railroading — voters, maybe folks could be fooled by the fun of macho talk?

Reprimanding the press for not singing your song, saying fake news when folks stand in their truth.

Rancor in the budget everywhere. (Be powerful, be rich, get a tax cut?)

Respecting just the right ones while rejecting “someone else’s babies” (What about the old, the poor, or disabled?)

Repeal and Replace:

Ruling for Compassionate Hunger — no Meals on Wheels or after school kid food. (They need our money, give it to ’em honey.)

Regarding others as “less than”   (BUT Different is delightful! Different is delightful!)

Rough Days on Death’s Doorstep for the fifties folks — half of one’s income for insurance?

Running from reality while wrangling your rights away! (Do your job, do your job.)

Verse 3:

Repeal and Replace:

Reaching out only to straight whites while restricting bathrooms!

Russian Roulette – as hacking discourages democracy.

Refusing basic kindnesses to all of God’s children.

Recovery — Forget it. Rue the day folks believed your promises.

Repeal and Replace:

Raking minorities over the coals, yet weren’t those the ones Jesus hung with?

Rewind the song and dance about the deficit, so the wall is more important than our outdated infrastructure?

Rookie Health Bill — You may never see a nurse! (It might get worse, can I borrow a hearse?)

(Ever thought of fixing it? Here come the midterms!) Fix it. Fix it. Fix it

Repeal and Replace:

Reaching out to others in sincere citizenship. Bipartisan is just an unknown word.

Repeating from the history books –they won’t mind our dirty looks. (Resist)

Rarely standing for something — even if it means you lose or don’t get reelected.

Resurgence of citizenship can happen if you vote; time to listen to the people!


Repeal and Replace a congressman’s face.

Rejecting diversity; ignoring adversity.

 Reeling in the votes while trampling on the voters.

Remember protection is in the next election!

CARE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY  and  V O T E     V O T E        V O T E!   

Copyright 2017 by Hildra Tague. Obtain permission for use online or in print.

About grantutor

Career educator in both public and private schools. Has tutored all ages. Writes about education, parenting, & seniors. Sings harmony with folk/rock group and a choir. Caregiver for spouse who dealt with Stage IV cancer. Happy person committed to nature and conservation of a green world.
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1 Response to Teardrops for My Country: Repeal and Replace?!

  1. Jo Winchester says:

    Spot on, Hildra. Gotta keep laughing.


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