Of These My Children: Expecting Danger

Teaching has been my great honor in life–especially in this small private school which emphasized green living, the basics, and kindness before it was fashionable.

In Social Studies the students learn about history and their world. The guys especially love macho stories. We were reading about a fortress. One goy read excitedly that townspeople went into a fortress “to expect danger.”  I had to slow him down a bit to “escape danger” right then and there!

On Mondays we share current events. Over the weekend we were captivated watching TV news of a terrible tsunami. The story mentioned a tidal wave.  An eager young lady asked, “What title do you put on these waves? Like a title of a story?”  Ahem, and you thought teaching was easy!

I have the students tell about a news story they saw or read about to clear up misunderstandings. Several heard of the plane crash that “injured two pirates.”  I quickly rescue the conversation, returning it to the pilots!  We could discuss pirates another day.

Soon it was time for Math in the Morning. I reminded the children how important math would be in their lives, as they would especially need it for money. A gal was agreeing, “Yeah, in bouncing your checkbooks. My mom did that last night!” I decided to get a balance scale out of the Science closet to include in tomorrow’s lesson , but for now I just wiped the smile off my face:-)

As the kids learn about their community I try to let them be in control when possible. One young scholar loved to be in charge so that day I handed him the Teacher’s Edition to hold so he could tell others if their answers were correct. It was going real well until we had a discussion question. When a gal gave her answer he emphatically quipped “No.” I intervened and he showed me, “The book said Answers may vary.”   All I could think was “Is is time for lunch yet?”

Lunch under the sweet gum tree outside brings stories of weekends, summer vacations and other trips, etc. One child yelled, “I rode a roller coaster at Dizzy World!” For a moment I felt dizzy, but I managed to clear it all up a moment later.

Once the kids knew the topic was Disney World, another guy said, “I even saw Library Square.”  It took me a minute before I began to talk about Liberty Square.

A sweet gal mentioned her parents had gone to a funeral. She became frustrated when her mom said the deceased was in a better place. “I don’t get it! Who would WANT to go to heaven? It’s mostly full of old people and sick people. The only old person I like is my grandma.” 

Music is my favorite time of day. I didn’t really expect to be gently shocked into a giggle when one boy belted out, “Where the deer and the cantaloupe play…” I’ve read about the secret life of plants, but quickly decided to start our animals unit with antelope pictures. Maybe we could even sort plants and animals including both antelopes and cantaloupes.

That afternoon was the day for Free Reading. A new student asked me how much it would cost on other days?!!!

It must be time for recess cause my brain can’t take much more. In between running around, one guy dropped his jawbreaker and went in to use soap and wash it off. Then he was shocked as he hollered, “It tastes funny now.” Guess he didn’t rinse the soap off.

As I watched the kiddoes leave, I mused that I’d better head home to get infused with supper before this day gets me any more confused!

Copyright 2019 by Hildra Tague.  Obtain permission for use in print or online.







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Career educator in both public and private schools. Has tutored all ages. Writes about education, parenting, & seniors. Sings harmony with folk/rock group and a choir. Caregiver for spouse who dealt with Stage IV cancer. Happy person committed to nature and conservation of a green world.
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