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Issues related to education and parenting, some learned from many years in public schools and Treetop private school:-) aka Mining in a Treetop

Meditation: Sunshine Rain

As a lifelong teacher, I always taught my students the value of nature, like daylight, sunshine,trees, and the relaxed beauty of darkness. (We even gave names to construction paper like sunshine for yellow, daylight for white, topsoil for brown, and darkness for … Continue reading

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School Yard Tales:The Great Green Frog Teaches School

Tree Land School was filled with excitement about the Halloween party the following Monday. But Miss Landers had some bad news. “I’m so sorry to miss our big day. But the sub will be the Great Green Frog, so you’ll … Continue reading

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Parent Vitamins: Learning How to Spit!

Parents are often left out when it comes to the professional discussion about how to deal with children. Yet the parents are the most capable and involved professionals on the team. Adults may be concerned about being able to be … Continue reading

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Of These My Children: Bring Your Reindeer to Class

The rainy season was in full sway and Tree Land students were loving it. They were experts at finding those glorious puddles. This small private school enjoyed the custom of walking in the rain when it wasn’t storming. Miss Landers … Continue reading

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Honeysuckle Air: A Train Ride

When my young sons and I left their dad in Houston after he accepted a job there, we returned to Oklahoma City to finish the school year before moving to Texas. The trip brought me tears and the realization that … Continue reading

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Parent Vitamins: Thoughts to Help with Parenting

I started using Parent Vitamins as small nuggets of importance for parents to chew on after parent conferences or at parenting workshops. I particularly liked making them into charts to hang around as a way of spurring the value of … Continue reading

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Education: Getting it All Together–Make Boards Not Splinters

Combatting the Shininess Syndrome by Fitting Puzzle Pieces to Make Boards, Not Splinters in Our Efforts to Educate Our Children Psychoeducational columnist and educational consultant Hildra Tague will journey with parents and professionals into The Shininess Syndrome–where we often get by … Continue reading

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